Introduction: Simple 3V AB Class 2 Transistor Audio Amplifier

Hi, this is a simple AB class audio amplifier, it need few component and about 3V for working, you can connect your mp3 player and listen it with a speaker

Step 1:

By changing the resistance you will be able to scroll more or less current between the bases of transistors, reducing the resistance you can polarize more the transistors passing almost to a class A, in this way will increase consumption but it will improve the audio quality, conversely, you can increase the resistance and obtain higher yields at the expense of sound quality (class B), in this case, for a short time, both transistors will be switched off and there will be a distortion (cross-over), more marked for weak signals, the small speaker in picture has recovered from a broken laptop.

I hope you like it.

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Step 2:


AlfredM31 (author)2016-12-13

what does the L means?

Electrogreen (author)AlfredM312016-12-13

L means left channel

AlfredM31 (author)Electrogreen2016-12-14

is that where the audio jack connected?

Electrogreen (author)AlfredM312016-12-18

Yes, the jack audio has 3 pins, Left channel(L), Right channel (R), and Ground(GND), ground is the common of the 2 channels

Ploopy (author)2016-09-26

Cool! This is the first transistor audio amplifier that i build that has decent quality!

Electrogreen (author)Ploopy2016-09-27

Thank you :)

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