• Hands free
  • Dimmable with 3 settings
  • Run times: 2-3 hours (high), 4-6 hours (medium), 20-30 hours (low)
  • Uses 3 AA batteries
  • Options for other LED colors
This hat lamp was inspired by ProdMod who designed a 3W LED video camera light.

Step 1: Materials

3W Hat Lamp
3W White LED
10 or 30 degree LED lens with holder
Heatsink (2cm x 2cm)
2 pin connectors
Heat shrink tubing
Clear Epoxy

Battery Holder with Brightness Control
1 ohm 1/2 watt resistor
10 ohm 1/4 watt resistor
3 AA rechargeable batteries
On-off-on switch
4 AA battery holder (with cover and on-off switch)

Hat Lamp Holder
Velcro straps

Dremel with grinding disc
Soldering iron
Hot melt glue gun
Alligator clips (to hold parts when setting the epoxy)
I'm preparing 5w led, how to connect it to ac please send me the circuit
Cool instructable. <br>Where do you buy the 2-pin connectors? been looking for these guys for some of my own little projects. Did you get them at Digikey? <br>thanks!
Thanks! I got them at Lee's Electronics. I think this is the one. <br>http://www.ebay.com/itm/JST-2-Pin-Connector-Plug-w-Wire-Male-Female-x-10-Pairs-/110930746245?pt=Radio_Control_Parts_Accessories&amp;hash=item19d3fcdb85

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Bio: Autistic person who's interests include in utility cycling, recreational cycling, cycling safety, electronics, gardening, Arduino, and LEDs.
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