3d Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Picture of 3d Dinosaur Birthday Cake
Two nine-inch round cakes, frosting, decorations, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure are all you need.
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Step 1: The Raw Materials

Picture of The Raw Materials
  • Two nine-inch round cakes. Cakes made from scratch will be denser and stronger than a cake mix, but you love the Duncan Hines don't you -- just be forewarned that the time you save using a mix will be spent cursing during the frosting crumb coat.
  • Two batches of frosting. We did a butter cream with 50/50 butter/vegetable shortening. Die one batch green. Keep 1/2 of the second batch white and die 1/2 blue.
  • Rolled fondant. We don't know what this stuff is, but we were darn sure we weren't going to make it. Found some multi-colored fondant at Michael's, a big box craft store. Buy the non-stick mini rolling pin while you are at it.
  • Decorations: cinnamon red hot candies for the eyes, candy corn for the tail spikes, chocolate chips for toenails, and toasted coconut for the prehistoric grass.
  • One cardboard cake board, half-sheet size.
  • Frosting pipe tips and bags. Use a star tip. Yes, this makes a difference, so don't skimp here. Really.
  • A partner. Not required, but could speed things up during frosting or at least help pass the time.

Step 2: The Body

Picture of The Body
  • Bake the cakes and cool completely.
  • Take out of pan, and find the center of one cake.
  • Cut the cake in half with a bread knife.
  • Put the two halves together with cuts edges aligned, and place on a work surface as pictured.
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canida6 years ago
Huge thanks to stwbrry for sharing her templates!
Click here and here to access them directly for download.
dino temp 2.jpgdino temp 3.jpg
Can someone tell me where to get the brown shredded coconut? Also how to you hold the body parts together. Thanks so much!
msimon3 (author)  linjim8306 years ago
- toast the shredded coconut on a sheet pan in the oven at 275F until brown - toothpicks!
Thank you!
slugafc canida6 years ago
Can anyone offer advice on the neck/head?? The head on my "practice" cake crumbled (I made a white cake that was near pound cake density from scratch). What is the extra head piece in the template used for? Also how far in advance should I make the fondant spikes? I want them to be hard enough to use. My son's first birthday party is next weekend!! Thanks!
msimon3 (author)  slugafc6 years ago
Frost the joints of the head pieces to make them sticky, insert a few toothpicks into the top of the neck, and place the head on top. The fondant spikes can made and left out in the air the day before to make them firm. If you live in a hot or humid climate, you may want to dry the fondant on a sheet pan in the oven at a low temp. like 125-150F.
AnnmariaR made it!24 days ago

Thank you very much!!! I made this by the seat of my pants yesterday and my now 3-year-old is over the moon with it. I am in the good books big time. Highly recommended. I am a novice baker and it turned out really well at short notice. Highly recommended!

Tricial2 months ago
Stwbrry, can u please email me the templet? To : thank u.
Do u know a yummy recipe for a vanilla cake?
ManuelF2 made it!3 months ago

Thanks a million!

I did one for my son's 4th BD, for one day I was the best dad in the world :-)

I simplified a lot, I am not a pro like you... still proud of how it looked like.

ZombieZelda3 months ago
pudtiny made it!5 months ago

Here is my cake loosly based on your instructable.

2014-10-09 19.16.05.jpg2014-10-09 19.14.30.jpg
becs16 months ago

I'm going to buy pre-made butter-cream frosting for this - can anybody suggest how much I need of each colour? 1kg tub??

stwbrry7 years ago
YAY we did it!!! I KEPT MY TEMPLATE. It only took 2 tries to get it right, not too hard, but I can get a copy out to anyone who might want. GREAT INSTRUCTABLE, THANKS!!!!
IceFlamez stwbrry8 months ago

Can you please send me a copy of your template to ?

Thank you soo much!!

Hi would you please send me the template. I am attempting a trail run on this cake wednesday. Thank you

email to

could you send me the template? I tried to download the one here and it is very small.
Could I have a copy of the
aspin92 stwbrry3 years ago

I am going to try and make this cake for my sons 4th birthday. Please can you send me the templates. cheers
I would like a copy of the dinosaur cake template please email,, thanks so much
could you please send me a copy of the 3d dinosaur template
thank u thanku
I tried to download your template but it keeps printing too large for my 8.5 x 11 paper no matter which size I down load.....I aint going to email you for the template I hope you don't mind.
i was wondering if you could send me a copy of the dinosaur template, the cake looks amazing. My email is
If you still have a copy of the template I would like a copy. Also, if you made the cake did you have any problems with the head staying attached? Thanks
msimon3 (author)  peggysue4156 years ago
Some have mentioned a broken or droopy head, but I think it depends on the cake you use. We reinforced the head just to be sure it would not come apart during transport. To reinforce the head, try sticking 2-3 toothpicks from the top of the head down into the neck, then carefully remove the toothpicks as you serve the cake.
Nancita stwbrry7 years ago
Hi, My little boy will be 3 years old this saturday, could you please share with me your template, i'll apreciate it!!! Nancy my email
Loyce stwbrry7 years ago
I would appreciate a copy of the template if you still have it. I am attempting the cake this weekend! Thank you so much!
Ahda09 stwbrry7 years ago
can i have a copy please!
Hi I'm looking to make this cake. Can you please send me a copy of the template you used if you still have it. that would be great thanks!
skeggja2 years ago
Thanks for sharing, thats my version:
skeggja2 years ago
Thanks for sharing, thats my version;
LILLIAN-R2 years ago
WOW!!! Great job!!!
ccoffman12 years ago
so giving this a try for my boys 2nd bday :)
reichard032 years ago
can someone PLEASE send me the pdf or download to this cake. My son fell in love with it for his 3rd b-day which is in a few weeks. please send it to my email asap. thank you soooooo much, my son will be so disappointed if I can't make it.
MasumaB2 years ago
Thank you for the awesome directions/tutorial! I loved making this in collaboration with my husband for our 2 year old daughter-she LOVED it! And so did everyone else. :)
Dino cake.jpg
MasumaB MasumaB2 years ago
We totally ran out of the green icing so I changed it up a little (had to improvise and it looked ok).
this cake is so amazing/cool/huge/beautiful !
raaguilera12 years ago
Thanks for the great template and instructions. My 4 year old and her friends loved the cake! I used a box cake and, while I had no problem crumb coating (I froze it before this step), my head broke off under the weight of the frosting. I improvised with a more flat rice crispy head. It took alot more frosting to cover the cake than I thought it would so I ended up with a third accent color. The tail spikes were some pink grapefruit candy from the bulk bin at the grocery store. We carved a watermelon to look like a T-Rex, made some T-Rex bones from a dino sand mold and had a dino dig. Was a great party and the kids sure seemed to enjoy it... especially the cake :)
dino cake2.jpg
Ok trying this for my two girls joint birthday party..and holy crap are they going to flip! Just one question... On the square bits that will be cut out (front leg shoulder and two feet) how do I cut them into the shoulder and feet? I see I cut out a square but what do I do after that? Thank You!


I will upload pix when done, I am trying the "First Attempt" cake today to get the feel of it before I do the one for the party.
Dinosaurs Cakes best mix evaaa!!!!
flicka2472 years ago
Thank you so much for your tutorial! These cakes were a hit for my nephew's 1st birthday party! I made one for the people who attended the party and a smaller one for just him to dig into! Thanks again :)
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