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3d model of the Instructables Robot in SketchUp

He is available as a free download from the 3d Warehouse.
Download the Robot

SketchUp is a free downloadable 3d Modeling program.
Free Download - SketchUp

I've used a lot 3d Modeling programs and most are work and terribly confusing.

SketchUp is FUN.

It took about 4 hours to build the robot.

He is uploaded in the 3d Warehouse. You can download him and open him in SketchUp.


porcupinemamma (author)2009-06-29

Your computer skills top even my wildest dreams of understanding computers. The slide show you've made is wonderful!! :0) I think it should run on the home page of Instructables!

Thanks. Slideshows don't seem to get featured very often.

Well...If I could ever figure out who the CEO of this site is, I'd suggest that he/she showcase it :0)

SFHandyman (author)robotguy42009-05-28

It isn't free.

robotguy4 (author)SFHandyman2009-06-08

Meh, I know... The Demo is free! (mind you, you have to keep pressing the button every 30 seconds. Totally worth it in my opinion...)

Great Job! You are a true instructables fan!,,^Ive got to try to make myself!

Thank you.

NachoMahma (author)2008-11-20

. Great job!

SFHandyman (author)NachoMahma2008-11-20


NachoMahma (author)SFHandyman2008-11-20

. I don't normally install apps just to look at one file, but I went ahead and installed SketchUp 7. Glad I did.

SFHandyman (author)NachoMahma2008-11-20

It is a lot of fun. I find it is so easy to prototype in it. That's how I ended up doing this. I was doing a robot toy and was trying to work out the mechanics with SketchyPhysics. I just decided to finish up the robot as a model and publish him. I'm sure lots of people would have fun with it. SketchyPhysics is a free plug in that adds solids, all kinds of joints, hinges and motors and fully operational gravity. That is really addicting. Works too.

kelseymh (author)SFHandyman2008-11-21

Please provide a link. I tried all of the SketchUp pulldowns, I tried their Web site, nothing. Lots of things people have put into the 3D Warehouse which require SketchyPhysics, but no reference that I could find to the entity itself :-(

kelseymh (author)SFHandyman2008-12-22

Argh. I finally got around to trying to download this. It's for Windoze only :-(

SFHandyman (author)kelseymh2008-12-22

It runs on Mac OS X, WinXP and Vista. Are you on Linux?

kelseymh (author)SFHandyman2008-12-22

No, I'm on MacOSX (10.5.6). When I went to the Web site, it was pretty clear that it was Windoze-only, and provided only a .zip file. I'll check again...

SFHandyman (author)kelseymh2008-12-24

Oh! I just realized you were talking about SketchyPhysics. Sketchup is Windows and Mac. I hadn't realized that SketchyPhysics was Windows only. Sorry about that.

NachoMahma (author)kelseymh2008-12-23

. Sketchup is Win and Mac, but according to the SketchyPhysics web site: "SketchyPhysics is a plugin for Sketchup (Windows Only)."

kelseymh (author)NachoMahma2008-12-23

Exactly. Hence my followup to Handyman's posting of the link to SketchyPhysics. :-(

SFHandyman (author)kelseymh2008-11-21

It's a plug in that has to be downloaded and installed separately. Google SketchUp doesn't link to it. I'll find a download link for you.

kelseymh (author)SFHandyman2008-11-21

That's annoying, given that they have a "Downloads" -> "Plugins" page with dozens of third-party additions.

SFHandyman (author)kelseymh2008-11-21

Most of the plugins they link to are FOR SALE!

NachoMahma (author)SFHandyman2008-11-20

. ROFL Robot doesn't bounce very well

SFHandyman (author)NachoMahma2008-11-20

I guess you turned on Physics... hahaha He isn't designed for physics folks. Just a model. I started to joint him but it would either take a robot version of a walker, or some huge training wheels to keep him upright. He is a little top heavy.

NachoMahma (author)SFHandyman2008-11-20

. I think you did a great job. Robot's physique reminds me of Mr. French.

SFHandyman (author)SFHandyman2008-11-20

If you want to see a funny crash and burn. Download the Skeleton Biker.

Sketchy Physics Skeleton Biker

If you replace the front joint with a motor, he will actually ride around a little before flying off the edge of the world.

SFHandyman (author)SFHandyman2008-11-20

I just remembered I made him training wheels and they worked.

Knex_Gun_Builder (author)2008-12-19

100 out of 5 stars

Plasmana (author)2008-12-06

That is so cool!! 5 stars!

SFHandyman (author)Plasmana2008-12-07


Plasmana (author)SFHandyman2008-12-08

Your welcome!

n8man (author)2008-11-30

AWESOME!!! 6/5 stars (awww it only goes up to 5)

GorillazMiko (author)2008-11-21

+5/5 stars. (added to favorites)

SFHandyman (author)GorillazMiko2008-11-21

Thanks. He needs a bucket hat.

GorillazMiko (author)SFHandyman2008-11-22

Try it out!

You could be just like caitlinsdad if you tried...

kelseymh (author)2008-11-20

Hey! How long is it going to take for a Featurer to take notice of this? Hmmm...anyone?

SFHandyman (author)kelseymh2008-11-20

Looks like someone is late for work.

SFHandyman (author)SFHandyman2008-11-20

It probably would be a good Idea if I told you how I did that. I got a brief case from the 3d Warehouse. In SketchUp it is under File>Get Models. I didn't quite scale the robot realistically. He is about 8'5" tall - woops. Easy to fix. Click on the robot. Hit the Scale button. Grab a corner. Hold the Shift (this makes it scale evenly), and Shrink him down. Put the briefcase in his hand. Then I deleted the backdrop and the ground. Then I opened Google Earth. I found the Instructables office neighborhood (I hope he is going the right direction - I couldn't tell where it was exactly). position yourself looking directly down on the piece of real estate where you want the Robot/building to show up. Double click the N on the ring in the upper right corner so you get the map with North up. Zoom in around 100 feet from the ground. Now in Google Sketchup Tools>Google Earth>Get Current View>. This will bring the ground map in to SketchUp from Google Earth. Put the robot on the map where you want him to be. If you want to save him. File>Export 3d Model. This will save a .kmz file. This file is the robot geolocated (he is already placed on earth where you put him on the map in SketchUp). Now go to Google Earth and open the KMZ file you just created. This will drop the model into Google Earth. You can now fly around the scene in Google Earth and take some snapshots File>Save Image.

kelseymh (author)SFHandyman2008-11-20

Wow, that's cool. Smells like an I'ble already put together (Then -> Step :-) ...Okay, okay, I need to install SketchUp on my Mac.

SFHandyman (author)kelseymh2008-11-21

I wonder how well it works on the Mac. These kinds of programs usually prefer one platform over the other. I haven't heard of any kind of split like that with SketchUp. Since most Macs are Intel now, I'd guess they are able to run some of the 3d programs they couldn't run before. There are still Mac programs that are worthless on a PC and wonderful on a Mac.

kelseymh (author)SFHandyman2008-11-21

Google has been pretty good (not perfect) with providing fully functions versions of their stuff for both Macs and PCs. They even tried supporting Linux for a while, but not very well :`(

I just installed Sketchup 7 and loaded your Robot. It is really easy!

SFHandyman (author)kelseymh2008-11-21

Yay. It's so fun to play with. Install the SketchyPhysics plug in and download some machines if you don't want to leave the house for a week.

kelseymh (author)SFHandyman2008-11-21

That name....I keeping picturing some guy in a trench coat saying, "Psst...hey, kid. Wanna buy a Lagrangian real cheap?"

SFHandyman (author)kelseymh2008-11-21

Scientist humor... Greek to me. hahaha

kelseymh (author)SFHandyman2008-11-21

No, no...Greek would be, "What's new?" "c over lambda!" Ha, ha, ha! Get it? 'Cause frequency is c over wavelength! Ha, ha, ha!

SFHandyman (author)kelseymh2008-11-21

Lambda Omega Lambda

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