Step 1: YOU NEED 10 PIECE OF PAPER 10cm X 10cm

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MicioGatta11 months ago

Cool! Quite simple, it could be done at school :)


It was nice. A little fast on the instructions, but nice work
roseily253 years ago
That`s` cool, were did you learn this.
Korlee3 years ago
Where is the center of the paper?
bfogleman3 years ago
It would have been really helpful to have more detail in the folding steps. Just wasted a lot of time since when I unfolded mine it fell apart. Apparently I folded incorrectly in one step. Thanks anyways.
tmitchell53 years ago
? Mine hasnt got the things around it ?
Do I fold 1 piece or all 10 ?
wtf all 10?
jweems5 years ago
Which side of the fold should the markings go?

I think the fold is on the diagonal side.
Chrysla4 years ago
I just want to add, that at step 5, you don't have to make the exact same design as shown (although it does make a lovely effect). You can come up with your own design each time you set about making one. As long as the 10 flakes you put together to make the final big one are the same you are in business.

I think it would be lovely to make several of these out of a weatherproof-easy- to- cut material and hang them from a tree outside. They could all be different from eachother and you could even spray paint glitter on them.

Thanks for the nice and fun instructable golic!
Greentamsin4 years ago
I am completely confused do you need ten pieces of paper or one?!?
As a veteran folder, I remember being stymied by this type of thing. The instructions are only given once, but you need to do this to all ten sheets of paper. So step 1 to step 7 needs to be repeated with all ten sheets until you have 10 cute little snowflakes. Once this is done, begin at step 8.

I would like to add that you don't necessarily need to do the exact same pattern for your flake, as long as your 10 are the same to each other, it will look nice so enjoy experimenting a little. After you get all 10 together to make the big final flake, you could make several more big final flakes and they would all be different and lovely.
Aronbao5 years ago
it looks like ten cat,hahah
forno5 years ago
Great project! Instructions and video so easy to follow! Some people's comments are irrelevant to the project itself. You placed photos, instructions and video, all excellent! Thanks for the inspiration for this one!
ccfreya5 years ago
So the typed instruction leave something to be desired, but it is great to see so many clear and easy to follow pictures.  A great  idea I look foreward to doing.
Nekayah5 years ago
 Agreed: fold, fold doesn't tell us what we need to know.  If you watch the video (in the tntro) carefully several times you can catch the pics of the folds.

That is a good idea.

Love this project.  I think I'll go one step further and make two more snowflakes and put into the center hole on either side.
plantnerd5 years ago
I like this, have you tried making it six sided (because snowflakes are 6 sided, not 5)?
Thank you! It's beautiful! It looks so intricate but it's easy. I can imagine adding embellishments, maybe a pretty glitter. Hang it from the ceiling with fishing line then individual ones (the single sheet) hanging at different lengths next to it. All encrusted with an iridescent glitter. Or maybe a jewel hanging from the bottom coming out of the center of the large one, oh, ideas are coming. This will be fun. Thanks again. (don't pay attention to the meanies, there are ways to say things and ways to say things, get my drift? lol :)
Wolfram6 years ago
Good, but you could have added more detail...
pjo616 years ago
the instuctions were good except for the folding and stapling......I was ok with it but Janice had a really really tough time......thank goodness for me or we would not have gotten it done.........paula
cutekitten6 years ago
Very clear instruction thanks _
coolboy456 years ago
you need to explain better fold fold fold doesnt really explain
This one is a really nice one to do with kids. I am a scout leader, and it's always difficult to find projects that are challenging but not frustrating, and don't cost a lot of money. Thank you.
meerar7 years ago
excellent instructable. i will definitely try this one out
You might want to learn how to type in lowercase, elaborate on your steps, and use a spell checker.