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With the AWElectric design, SENSOREE Design Lab developed a new technique that fuses 3d prints to fabric. This Instructable focuses on the 3d print fabric component of this multifaceted design.

Design Concept
Inspired by the phrase, That gave me goosebumps. Did you feel it too? The AWElectric is a duet design that animates the emotionally charged goosebumps, amplifies them, and shares the thrill. http://sensoree.com/artifacts/awelectric/

The AWElectric animates awe – the subtle mix of fear and wonder that sends shutters up your spine and provokes aesthetic goosebumps also called frisson. Often felt from the sublime vast views of nature, authentic performance, or the Ah-ha moment, we sought to capture this sensation and showcase with extimacy – externalized intimacy. A series of biosensors visualizes breathing with illuminated color, monitors and amplifies frisson with inflatable 3d print fabric, and then sends to the sensation to another via AudioTactile fabric that is like a speaker that sends frequency to induce goosebumps.

Step 1: Goosebump Fractal Design Concept

Inspired by the human body that requires connective tissue betweens the bones, SENSOREE has created this fabric with joint material between the 3d prints. In this way, the fabric mimics our articulations, movements, and expressions.

Goosebump Fractals

The hexagon construction of the Goosebump Fractals are digital representations of skin cells, inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s Geodesic domes and the machine gesture of polygons. The 3d print design covers a silicone inflatable and expands with the emotional peak of awe. The inflation opens the hexagon spike into 6 triangles to animate the thrill of goosebumps.

Anyone else think this is terrifying? Aside from the fear this instructable is badass!
<p>thank you! I hope it inspires those emotional based goosebumps. </p>

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Bio: SENSOREE Design Lab crafts bio-responsive fashions with expressive technology. Our Therapeutic Biomedia monitors the body systems and animates emotion with audio, visual, or tactile displays ... More »
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