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Introduction: 3d Print Square_looking_different

As a start for learning 3d modeling this existing sculpter seemed a good idea.

it took me three approx 4 weeks. At first I have started with 4 bars tring to move them in position.

this turned out too difficult. here is the plan I have followed after discovering the SWEEP cmd.

Step 1: Baseline and Square

in XZ plane draw a line of 150 mm on X axis and define midpoint at origin.

create a centered rectangle on the origin with sides of d1/10 (15mm).

Step 2: Baseplane Work and Going Up

In the baseplane XY create a line on the Y axis with lenght d1 (150mm) with the midpoint on orgin.

Now lets us create an offsetplane d1 up from XY plane.

Step 3: The Top Line

On the offsetplane create a sketch with line lenght d1 above the X axsis.

define midpoint straight above orgin.

Step 4: 3d Sketching

connecting the the end dots of the botom and top line at each end.

make sure that in sketch pallet 3D SKETCH is marked.

the plan is to select the square as profile and sweep along the complete profile.

However the sweep command seems not to work on a closed path/project?.

so need break up the closed path using an extra sketch point and partial lines on Y axis.

Step 5: Sweeping Works

just execute the SWEEP command now and complete the last piece with E(xtrude) or Q(presspull).

Step 6: Adding a Pedestal Completes Design


Step 7: My First 3d Print

poor quality but still content.



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would it be posible to have a real angle at the top of the triangle view?

top triangle_cr.jpg

yOU Should download the files

Cool art piece. It would be really fun to have a whole sculpture garden full of works like this.

thanks for this first comment, hans