Picture of 3d Printed 2x2x1 Cube
13, 9:20 PM.jpg
These are my 3 different types of 2x2x1s.

Step 1: The Mech.

Picture of The Mech.
13, 9:20 PM.jpg
The mechanism actually isn't that complex because it is built into the piece.
Echo07 months ago
Do you have the files? I would like to make one myself
xained1 year ago

If you only share pics, you could use picasa instead ..

chris_e61 year ago
This isn't an Instructable even in the most vague sense.
osfreak1 year ago
Can you post something that either tells us how you made them, like what program,etc, and/or the source files so we could view them ourselves? otherwise, I wouldn't call this an "instructable".