3d Printed Skill Badge


Introduction: 3d Printed Skill Badge

About: Tinkerer

First off this is not my original design but a wonderful design I found on thingiverse check it out

I'm printing it out on a printrbot simple with no supports or raft.

I chose this model because it has faces that are printed it mid air and because it's awesome!

If you like it it would be great if you voted thanks!

Step 1: Download and Print

Download the file on thingiverse and upload it to you're favorite slicer I'm using repetier and slicr3r at 25% infill 0.2 layer hight. It took 1hr and 45 minuets on my printer I'm sure you're printer can probably print it quicker but this is what I have.So let's go! and wait..

Step 2: Inspection

The picture is of the worst of the sags witch happens to be the back. But other than that it really is a great print. And I think it's going to look awesome on my desk

Step 3: Display It Proudly With All You're Other 3d Printed Treasures

Thanks for reading all the way through if your it don't forget to vote and comment. Thanks god bless..



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