Introduction: 3d Printed Speaker Project

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This is just a cool project I did to design some speakers from scratch and design them so they match my custom Macbook!

I used the internals from some old Logtiech speakers lying around. Keep reading to learn more!

Step 1: Research

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Before I started, I did a little background research into the sorts of speakers out at the moment, and found that nothing was quite suitable for what I wanted!

Step 2: Sketching Away

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From here, I wanted to explore lots of different shapes and forms. I used my Wacom tablet PC to sketch up some ideas I'd seen before and a few of my own, before I settled on my final design.

Step 3: CAD and 3D Printing

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Now comes the fun part. I modelled up my design in Solidworks, and sent it to my slicing program to turn into code that my 3d printer would make. Here I also pulled apart the old speakers and got them ready to secure inside my shell.

Step 4: Paint, Prime and Finish

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Once I'd printed out all of the parts, I secured my electric internals and layered my 3d printing job with body filler and spray putty to ensure a smooth, even finish. 

After some sanding, priming and painting, I was all done!


leonflackett (author)2015-02-20

how did you get the red keys

werkhaus (author)leonflackett2015-02-24

Wow, this is an old project!

The keys are just stickers I ordered online.

randofo (author)2013-03-18

Cool project. Do you have plans to share the files anywhere?

werkhaus (author)randofo2013-03-18

Thanks! I will if I can find them, I hope I didn't get rid of the solidwork files or the .stl files...

kyo-89 (author)werkhaus2014-03-03

I know this is a older posting so the chances are slim, But do you have the slt files for this set of speakers you could share? I love the look of them and would like to give them a go.

werkhaus (author)kyo-892014-03-03

Hey there,

Sorry my solidworks and .stl files are long gone now!

werkhaus (author)werkhaus2014-03-03

However, these speakers were poorly done and I have a new set I completed not long ago using my new 3d printer and another set of speakers. I'll upload them when I get time.

kyo-89 (author)werkhaus2014-03-04

Thanks for getting back to me, Okay sounds good. I look forward to checking out the new set.

werkhaus (author)kyo-892014-06-22

Here's that new set I said I'd upload!

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