At 3DigitalCooks we are obsessed with creating new 3d printed bites. For this one I wanted to explore our new dots printing technique to create a fresh, delicious and healthy 3d printed bite.

The idea came up after a legendary cooking class from Sherry at Pier9. Thanks a lot! That's why I name this recipe "The Sherry".

The main idea behind this recipe is to use cucumber slices as a small serving and edible dishes for the printed yogurt.

Step 1: Printing on Top of the Cucumber

The main two ingredients for the Sherry are:

  • Greek yoghurt
  • Cucumber

The cucumber slice is between 4 to 5mm. It is refreshing and crunchy. The yoghurt is printed on top using Pinya3 and this design app (learn more about the technique here).

<p>Very neat!</p>
Thank you very much!!
<p>Yum! This looks great!! </p>
<p>Thanks a lot Behnaz!</p>
<p>Yum! This looks great!! </p>
<p>Mindblowing!</p><p>What printer is that?</p>
<p>Hi! the printer is Pinya3 .This one</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Pinya3-a-3d-food-printer-platform/ .Thank you!</p>
<p>This is the greatest honor. Come back and visit us soon!</p>
<p>The honor was mine!</p>
<p>Good observation.</p>
<p>haha yogurt resulotion, 1cm? looks cool!!</p>
<p>A place to start ;)</p>
Yes it does! I am not sure where I read a longer message from you, but I can not find it!!!! :(<br>was it you? about the Pier?
yup its me who commented that!! i see you profile was created no long ago... and am curious the interenational presence in the shop, and about how you craftin passion bring you from Barcelona to sf pier 9? i visited once, i was astonished! i so wanna work in such a shop!! i am applying for this summer internship!!
I guess it depends on th3 viscosity of food, goodplace to start
<p>I like it</p>
<p>Thank you very much!</p>
3D printing food = mind low

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