My followers will know that I have an obsession with Edgewood Park and with TechShop. In this Instructable I mix both by making a smooth surface model of the park.

I've always wanted to have a true scale model of this fantastic local park. Home to several endangered plant species and the nearly extinct bay checker spot butterfly, it is also a daily ritual for trail hikers and runners. In another Instructable I made a pocket scale model of the park using the TechShop Epilog laser cutter. This project extends that to a true 3d model cut on the ShopBot.

The steps we will follow:

1. Make a small model on the Epilog laser cutter (or any other way)
2. Scan the small model with the Next Engine to create a mesh model
3. Use V-Carve 3d to create tool paths
4. Cut the model on the ShopBot

Oh, perhaps I should mention that step 0 is to join TechShop so that you have access to all this software and hardware!


Step 1: Make the Base Model

We start with some model of the terrain. I started with the scale model output of my previous Instructable.
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