Picture of 3d Terrain Model of Edgewood Park, California
My followers will know that I have an obsession with Edgewood Park and with TechShop. In this Instructable I mix both by making a smooth surface model of the park.

I've always wanted to have a true scale model of this fantastic local park. Home to several endangered plant species and the nearly extinct bay checker spot butterfly, it is also a daily ritual for trail hikers and runners. In another Instructable I made a pocket scale model of the park using the TechShop Epilog laser cutter. This project extends that to a true 3d model cut on the ShopBot.

The steps we will follow:

1. Make a small model on the Epilog laser cutter (or any other way)
2. Scan the small model with the Next Engine to create a mesh model
3. Use V-Carve 3d to create tool paths
4. Cut the model on the ShopBot

Oh, perhaps I should mention that step 0 is to join TechShop so that you have access to all this software and hardware!


Step 1: Make the base model

Picture of Make the base model
We start with some model of the terrain. I started with the scale model output of my previous Instructable.
togo19192 years ago

Say! How much do you have to pay your Hand Model? Is he for hire?
jschrempp (author)  togo19192 years ago
George Costanza.