3d Car Model





Introduction: 3d Car Model

I love video games and i decided to reproduce a car from my favourite game and here is it tell me what you think :). I would love to make it into a real objet like a little car.(This 3d model don't have any textures) I would like to win the first prize because i love virtual things like 3d characters and buildings. Whith a 3d printer i would like to print those 3d models ans make them real like little sculpture.I join some other pictures of 3d character i would like to create even 3d real things like an helmet ! 
The only material needed is a 3d printer.resine and paint to color objects. All those 3d models can become real little or big objects !
The possibilities are endless.



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    Ok, wheres the warthog model? I wanna print it

    How could I get it.It's so beautiful

    Not to be critical, but I'm pretty sure this is just an image from Google of the ripped Warthog from Forza 4. If not, you got this in the bag.


    Yes ! Of course we like it ! All creations are worth of being appreciated . I am enthusiastic about 3D modeling too :) I started with Blender. I am just a starter but I understand now what hard and open hearted work creators do. Don`t worry about some 3D model color you always could add some colors to them. Also, you told that you get involved in 3D modeling because of one video game that you played ! That is nice to know that because I am just the same ! I get involved because I like playing GTA and I actually first of all wanted to create some my own 3D car model. Also, my inspiration is other creators work.By the way, I think about selling my 3D model in the future. This idea comes when I was surfing the net and found one of the 3D model sellers CGTrader. Check it out http://www.cgtrader.com . Do you know more of them ? What other inspiration sources you have ? And what game insire you to start 3D modeling ?:)