3d Print Cat Skeleton





Introduction: 3d Print Cat Skeleton

For my final college project I made a 3d cat skeleton, which I animated walking and also 3d printed.
Check out the project here http://cargocollective.com/ashleighchaney

Step 1:

I made the most of the skeleton using Zbrush but some such as the vertebrae were made in 3ds Max and then finished in Zbrush.

Step 2:

After I modelled all of the bones in the skeleton I sent it to the 3d printer.

Step 3:

When the print arrived it was almost ready for painting, just a few areas needed some light sanding.

Step 4:

I painted the print using numerous light washes to make it look like bone.

Step 5:

Once everything was painted and finished all that was left was to assemble the print into an articulated skeleton.

Step 6:

The finished piece



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    Hi Ashleigh, would it be possible to get a copy of the file? My girlfriend is going to vet nursing college and would love to have an articulated skeleton for learning purposes! Would be very helpful, thanks!

    So are the files available seems as this is an instructable?

    That's amazing. Do you sell or share the print files? I'd love to produce one of these for my Zoology class

    That is fantastic. What would someone need to do to get those files from you?

    Have you thought about selling your print files? I'd be very interested :)

    How can I get an STL file to print it?

    Amazing modeling! Could your share the file so we could make it our own?

    I printed it in shapeways strong and flexible plastic

    Can you please share the files? My girlfriends birthday is coming up and she loves cats and skeletons. Id love to 3D print this for her.