I'm a big photography aficionado and always wanted to make my own analog camera. Thanks to 3D printing, it is now possible to make a fully funcional pinhole camera. Just print the camera and start shooting. No assembly required.

Step 1: 3D Design + and Pinhole

First, I got inspired by old retro cameras which I wanted to base my design. I used 3D studio MAX to design my camera but you can use whatever you feel most comfortable with. Here are some 3D renderings of my design.

I won't go into detail on what a pinhole camera is but in essence, it is a simple camera with no lens but a small aperture (made with a pin) that projects an inverted image into the film. There are many factors to consider for the pinhole specially the diameter of the hole, the distance to the film and the type of film you are going to use. I found a website called MrPinhole that summarizes the most important features.
<p>made with the Ultimaker 3d printer.</p><p>not sure if it is the right printer to use, a lot of support material and small pieces are not printed well...</p>
<p>Nice!! Looks good although I can imagine a lot of work cleaning the pieces. I'm planning to design a version with less support material.</p>
A mechanical camera...See this is a perfect camera for those psuedo-scientists and anyone in the crytpozoology field needing to prove &quot;ghosts&quot;, &quot;UFO's&quot;, etc. In this way one can't give excuses about electronic recording media being disrupted by an [alleged] anamoly, specially since it's made of plastic and not metal, being that electronic recording mediums are basically mechtronic contraptions that can &quot;possibly&quot; (as it were) be manipulated by an outside anomalous &quot;force&quot;, so to speak, because of it's use of metals (by outside magnetic manipulation, and electronic which again is very sensitive to outside manipulation). Unfortunately, the use of IR LED's may need to be adapted for night shots, which defeats the purpose of non-electrical/ electronic photo captures.
i've got this running (with another model) on our OBJECT30 right now (i really shouldn't be allowed access to the thing....bad things are bound to happen). 13.5 hours to go!
how in the hell did you get this thing all the way cleaned out? support material everywhere! sneaky little cavities and undercuts. how did you get the inside of the &quot;lens&quot; cleaned out and painted? <br> <br>also, in the viewfinder stl, the little shutter piece is part of the rest of the viewfinder when it's printed
There is a lot of support material inside the lens. I used a curved tool llike the one attached. To remove the support material from the pin just use a pin or needle. <br>Inside the lens you can paint it deep, there is no problem if you overpaint as it will be invisible. <br> <br>I uploaded the viewfinder in 2 stl files to make sure everyone prints the 2 pieces separated. <br> <br>I will be making different lenses next week to reduce the support material and play with aperture and focal lengths. Will upload results soon!
found another issue.....the teeth on the film advance knob seem to be too agressive...you can't turn the thing when the case is closed. any suggestions?
nevermind....figured this out
i was able to get most of it with the pressure washer once i new it was there. just didn't expect it i guess (should have). the rest of the fit is really nice. snaps together really tight.
found the connections on the viewfinder file. relatively easy to clean up
Awsome! Any idea about the total cost of this camera? Thx
This is a very cool idea, nicely done! Voted.
it&acute;s genius!!! <br>love how accurate the printer is,great job Ale! <br>
This is AWESOME! I can't believe that more people haven't favorited this. Great job!

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