Picture of 3g Iphone mobile charging system!!
So the 3g iPhone's battery sucks if you use location services and 3g all day.

So, I build a dock into my bag and wired it through to an inner pocket where theres a portable battery. Now, whenever i slip my iPhone into that pocket, it gets charged!!
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Step 1: Buy all the crap you need!

Picture of Buy all the crap you need!
get yourself a 3-pack of iPhone 3g universal dock adapters at a mac store. it'll run you 9 bucks.

then, the awesome part is the tekkeon (i have no commercial relationship to them, just a happy customer!) rechargeable mobile power unit, purchased for $36.95 on newegg.. basically, its battery pack with a 4,000 mAh capacity (iPhone's battery is 800 mAh i believe) that outputs power to a usb port! perfect for the iphone!

obviously, you need the sync cable, and the iphone itself.

oh, you'll also need some krazy glue, or other adhesive that works on plastic.. might wanna get a sharp knife too..

Step 2: Hack the crap out of the universal adapter so as to fit the sync cable through..

Picture of Hack the crap out of the universal adapter so as to fit the sync cable through..
unfortunately, i am not good at all with plastics, so you'll have to make do as best as possible, but i

1) took a knife and shaved the sides of the sync cable, then

2) melted a bit of the hole in the universal adapter so as to fit the sync cable through.

3) krazy glue both parts together like crazy until theyre solidly affixed!

it looks like crap, but considering that part remains hidden we're going for function over form here..

when it fits through, and try to get it as flush as possible---

if the cable isnt through far enough the phone wont connect well enough to charge, and if its too far through it'll be hard to get the phone to lock in easily..
humoogous6 years ago
Good idea - though I think I'd skip the universal dock part and just plug the iPhone directly to the sync cable.
Call it a messenger bag. It sounds more manly. Oh, I just got two spare batteries for my PDA, works great and without the bulk.
iseematrix26 years ago
Other I phone mods EMI Remover But that recharger rocks
elliotcarvalho (author) 6 years ago
by the way, this is still a work-in-progress, and as such there are some kinks to be ironed-- among them, the "dock" still dances around a little in the pocket, so im gonna try and come up with something to guide the iphone more directly into the dock, and prevent the dock itself from tilting in one way or another.. if anyone has any ideas, feel free to drop me a line in the comments..
elliotcarvalho (author) 6 years ago
thanks broseph... the cool part is that the whole thing is removable, and since the powerpack outputs to usb, i can charge most anything, not just ipods.. but you already knew that.. the fact that its a battery pack and not 4AAs is good and bad, in the city its awesome, but if i were somewhere with hard-to-access power, i would be screwed.. then again, i dont plan on taking an iphone to mount everest, so whatever..
nicknack1716 years ago
good Instructable by the way.... I got a similar charger at wall mart for 5$ that changes 4 AA batteries into 5v usb plug but i like how your system is rechargable
nicknack1716 years ago
lol man purse