Picture of 3mm LED Glow Box (No Soldering)
We created a simple box for displaying your LEDs. This box is made of laser cut acrylic but it can easily be made from any clear type of plastic you have laying around.

We also have this box available in a low price kit. 

This box works by placing a CR927 coin battery in the center of the box and you insert two 3mm Leds on both sides. The box is a holder for the LEDs and the glow will illuminate the box.
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Step 2: Bottom and Side Frame

Take the bottom and side frame. The bottom/base of the box should have slots that are 2mm by 2mm. They should be located towards the corner of the base. This is where the legs should be placed. 

After you place the legs in the slots, super glue them in place.

Step 3:

Next  you will insert the top of the frame to the side panels. Once this is together, super glue. This should create a box and the top should have an insert for the coin battery.

Step 4:

Picture of
Finally insert the coin battery into the middle slot. Place each a 3mm Led on both ends of the box. The Led leads should sandwich between the battery.

Remember that you can make this kit from any type of plastic or any thing you may feel. 
very cool, will you post the laser cut files?