The Third Arm Claw is a mechanism designed to be used by someone who has trouble bending over and uses a cane to walk. The following is a prototype for a cane attachment that can snap onto any standard sized cane. The mechanism is a claw that extends from the cane to grab items such as keys, cloth, and small coins. It also contains an LED light and a sensor for Black Ice. Surveys show that nearly 30 million Americans experience back pain of some kind and would be benefitted by a cane attachment such as this.


- High Torque Motor

- Arduino Nano

- ADAFruit Proximity Temperature Sensor

- LED Light

- Motor

- 1 long screw

- I short screw

- 2 coupler

- I plastic cylinder

- C rail

- Long piece of wood

- 2 wooden blocks

- Switches


- Hot glue gun

- Power drill

- Band Saw’

Step 1: The Base and Sheath

The base is a piece of plywood. Two wooden blocks are situated at the ends of the plywood. Underneath them, there is a sheath for the long screw. This can be made out of foam and duct tape. The screw is inserted into these. At the top of the mechanism, hot glue a motor onto the plywood and attach it to the screw using a coupler.

The sheath for the mechanism is made from two long metal rectangles. We used a C rail cut in half. These should be glued to a long wooden piece to form a rectangle with an open top.

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