3rd mechanical Iris with very thin leaves!

Picture of 3rd mechanical Iris with very thin leaves!

OK! so today i made a new set of leaves for the iris, this time i made them of a very thin (0,1 mm) copper sheet.
The reason for the thin leaves, is to achieve a complete close of the iris, and the results were amazing!

On the pics you can see:

Pictures 1, 2 and 3 : The finished assembly
Pictures 4 and 5      : You can see the thickness of the copper sheet, 0,1 mm.
Picture 6                   : Fresh cutted leaves.
Picture 7                   : I find this the best way to soldering the leaves.
Picture 8                   : Finished leaves, i must said, these were very difficult to solder, but not impossible!


heathbar643 years ago
I want to design an iris for something. None of the ibles I found actually tell how they designed the leaves etc. they just have a print and cut pattern. Can you show me how to actually design this? especially the shape and size of the leaves and the pin spacing, slot spacing.
Now, you have a spaghetti measurer!

Cool instructable!
Haha, Me Like!! XD
Hahaha that made my day!
SHIFT!3 years ago
Could you please post a step by step on this? I'd LOVE to learn how to build this for my next Portal themed party!
kommodore (author)  SHIFT!3 years ago
I dont have enough pictures of this build for a step by step, but now i will make a 12 leaves iris, and i'll take plenty of pictures for a step by step, so i hope to have the instructable for tomorrow.

unclelar3 years ago
Hey ! You are getting pretty good at his.Keep up the good work,congrats!
kommodore (author)  unclelar3 years ago
Thank you!