3x2 Locking Piston Door


Introduction: 3x2 Locking Piston Door

This is a simple, step-by-step tutorial on how to build a 3x2 Piston door in Minecraft. This build is not only a great way to keep out the monsters, It also looks very good.

Step 1:

First dig out a 2 block deep 3x2 area.

Step 2:

Next dig out an extra 2 blocks on both sides of the hole. Make sure that only half of the new sections is 2 blocks deep (this is very important).

Step 3:

Now dig out a " U " shape that is 2 blocks deep.

Step 4:

Alright, now it's time for the redstone. Place 2 redstone repeaters on each side of the hole (shown above). Finally place 6 redstone dust in the in the design above and 2 pieces on each block the repeaters are going into.

Step 5:

Ok, now place two repeaters facing in to the repeaters from the last shape. Lastly fill in the rest of the " U " with redstone dust.

Step 6:

Now place your pistons facing inwards on top of the redstone from the last step.

Step 7:

Behind the pistons on both sides build a tower like shown. (redstone torch, any block, and redstone dust)

Step 8:

Alright, almost done. Fill in the space above the circuit and place the pressure plates on either side of the pistons.

Step 9:

Now place the lever to activate the locking mechanism on the circled blocks.

Step 10:

Finally, cover up the redstone and decorate as you please.

Step 11:

Congratulations you have just built yourself a locking piston door.



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    That's a neat setup :)