Step 4: Fabricate the Custom PVC Parts for the Cube

First,  you need to fabricate the independent custom parts. Remember...."measure twice, cut once" - in other words, double and triple check your work before cutting.

 *To make the T's:  Cut a hole in 8 of the pieces on the side of the piece as picture 2 illustrates.
 * Cut 24 of the 32 pieces in the place indicated in picture 3.  Do NOT cut the pieces through all the way to the 2nd wall.

 * The last pieces to be fabricated are the rest of the four ways (that should be 8). They DO  need to be cut all the way through.
This looks like a great project. Although, there is one thing, it appears that you forgot to put the code in at the last step! You also need to add a picture of it lit up. If you do both of these things, you might just get featured!

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