Introduction: 4 Easy DIY Christmas Gifts (with Video)

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Here are my this year's DIY gifts perfect for friends and family! You can leave them plain if you don't know the person that well, or make them extra-personal for each person you're giving it to!

Step 1: #1 Cute Picture Gift Bags

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1) Take a plastic bag, fill it up with anything you like: stuffing, candy, small gifts and add pictures.

2) Seal the bag(if its sealable, if not, that's fine, we'll staple it shut later anyway!)

3) Cut a strip of pattern paper double the width of the banner, and then cut it down so it perfectly fits the bag.

4) Staple it on and add a name tag!

Step 2: #2 Display Jars

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1) Take a clean glass jar and add your pictures. Make sure you cut the pictures to the height that fits in the jar.

2) Fill the jar with stuffing of your choice.

3) Decorate the top however you'd like! I added some glitter sheets and rope to this one. :)

Step 3: #3 Frame Display

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1) Get an old frame and pain it whatever color you'd like. You can also leave it as it was.

2) Take some rope and attach it to the back of the frame with either a hot glue gun, really strong glue or duck tape.

3) Collect some memories and write a bunch of sweet notes and attach them with clips!

Step 4: #4 Decorated Corkboard (extra Glittery)

Picture of #4 Decorated Corkboard (extra Glittery)

1) Get some glitter sheets or pattern paper and make designs that the person you're giving this to would like.

2) I cut out the person's name and some shapes that they love, then I glued them to the board.

3) Pin down a gift bag with some candy and small gifts and also pin a letter.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-20

Some great looking gift ideas.

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