Making a table lamp from a wine (or any type of) bottle seems to be a very popular craft project. However, while the lamps I saw online were OK, I always considered them little more than a novelty item.  That's when I decided to take a crack at designing one myself. And, after I made my first wine bottle lamp, friends and family began asking me to make lamps for them or to give as gifts. For that reason, I decided to create this instructable and share my four easy steps on how to make a wine bottle lamp that will be as distinctive and unique as the person who creates it.

Step 1: Materials List

These are the BASIC items needed to make your lamp:

- A wine bottle (or another type of bottle of your choosing)
- A bottle lamp kit (e.g. Westinghouse makes one that sells for around $6.00)
- A harp to mount the lampshade (depending on the size you choose the cost is $2.50 to $4.50)
- A lampshade (prices vary by size and style but expect to pay $10-$15 for an 8"-9" tall shade
- Wood for a decorative base (make your own custom base or buy one readymade at a craft store like Hobby Lobby)
- Wood glue (if base is made up of multiple wood layers)
- Sandpaper (if making your own base)
- A roll of black electrical tape
- A tube of construction adhesive to cement the bottle to the base
- Stain & a finish (oil, polyurethene) or paint for the base
- An engraved metal plaque to commemorate a significant event or sentiment is also highly recommended

Tools needed:

- Table saw (if making your own base)
- Clamps (when gluing base pieces) are optional
- Power drill with a 3/8" drill bit
- A glass & tile or masonry drill bit
- Pliers and utility knife
- Metal Coat Hanger (to help fish the power cord through the base and bottle)
<p>Great Instructions and Pictures. Can't wait to try this. Thanks for posting:)</p>
Can I just use a coaster instead of a wood base?
Exemplary instructable! Comprehensive, clear and creative. Anxious to try making my own lamp. I appreciate the many photos and the extra tips. Thanks for posting.
<p>Between a friend of mine that showed me his and your instructions I <br>started working on one of my own. Your instructions are very clear. Nice <br> Job!! One tip if I may, you talked about the rubber grommet being a <br>pain to make fit, I found that if you take one that is a bit smaller <br>then the hole and add scotch tape around it you can make it a very snug <br>fit. I hope to be done soon and post a pic!</p>
Love it!!!! Nice idea well done. Also I want to know was it hard making it?
I think the hardest part of a project like this is the creative side of it. Coming up with a design that looks good and is relatively easy to execute. Drilling the bottle and wiring the lamp is really pretty easy. I hope you decide to give it a try. I'm sure you could make a beautiful lamp! <br>
Love it! Definitely gonna make a few for friends, family, and myself. I really appreciate your thoroughness in the steps and pics, too. Well done.
Portugal being a Wine-making Country, lots of people will use this, thanks! :) <br>Went to the Blog: <br>http://faz-voce-mesmo.blogspot.pt/2013/04/cursos-bola-e-candeeiros-de-garrafas.html

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