4 Great! Tips for Your Longest Bike Rides


Introduction: 4 Great! Tips for Your Longest Bike Rides

Your Longest Bike Rides can be super tough here are some tips to help out along the way

Step 1:

By maintaining a cadence of at least 90 rpm, you give your aerobic and muscular systems a break. Think of lifting a 20-pound bench press 10 times instead of one rep of 200: You lift the same amount but with less overall effort.

Step 2: Eat and Drink a Lot

drink about one bottle per hour, depending on heat and level. water is what's most important. Eat a bite or two of food every 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Plan for Accidents.

Just in case carry emergency happens bring gear to fix at least one flat on each wheel,a tool, cell phone, ID and some money.

Step 4: Watch the Weather

Before you go out on a bike ride always try to check the weather. The weather can be GREAT!!! Or it could be TERRIBLE!!! Be prepared with the proper clothing



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