4 Home-made Insect Hotels - Motels, Eco Lodges, Chalets and Gites. 4 Hotels Aux Insectes.


Introduction: 4 Home-made Insect Hotels - Motels, Eco Lodges, Chalets and Gites. 4 Hotels Aux Insectes.

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Four different designs from the simple to the very easy! Made from repurposed pallet, fruit crate wood and foraged garden debris. Great fun to make and decorate. Ideal project for children, if given in kit form, with the trickier cutting and drilling operations already completed. Makes a great gift too. Keep the bees and insects warm this Winter and they will repay you tenfold in fruit and vegetables next year.
For more information on using natural pigments - http://thegreenlever.blogspot.fr/2012/02/using-natural-earth-and-mineral.html
Public Domain Music from Nowick Gray and Eugene Neptune, GreenEarthForever: http://archive.org/details/Nimba
Quatre modèles différents fabriqués à partir de bois de palette, le bois de cagette et les débris de jardin -  tiges creuses, morceaux de bois et de bambou, pignons de pin.... Très amusant à faire et décorer, un projet idéal pour les enfants, si on leur donne sous forme de kit, avec les opérations de forage les plus difficiles déjà terminés. Idées cadeaux originaux



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    Thanks for the ible. Maybe more Americans will start making these and quit killing all bugs. I just finished making one for my son-in-law for Christmas. In addition to the twigs I also added a butterfly room, pinecones and straw.