Step 3: Preserved Lime

The preserved lime is ready to eat when the rind becomes translucent and soft any time from 7-10 days.  To use in a recipe just rinse it off and dice small.   Preserved citrus is intense so use it sparingly, and one quarter should be enough for most recipes.
So what liquid are you using while this is in the fridge.
Another one I will try! Thanks for sharing~ <br>sunshiine
I made these last night without the dill. Am planning on using the salt in mexican cooking and margaritas when they are finished. Yummmmmm!!! Thank you for sharing.
Many times they have been used for margaritas;in fact, that was the inspiration for testing this recipe. Enjoy!
I like!!!
Thank you--hope you make them.
Crazy! Does the lime really turn yellow?
Not so much yellow but more that they turn lighter in color; although in the photo, they do read yellow.
I have never seen this, thank you. How long will it keep?
Thanks for asking--3-6 months in the fridge. They just become saltier with time.

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