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Time to make a chuck for the lathe. Old turners would say a chuck is a luxury and not a necessity , but luxury or not, its always nice to have one if you are going to do some bowl turning or so!

Many people would consider it a bad idea to spin heavy objects on 1000+ rpms on a homemade wooden chuck, but still, I 'm gonna give it a try! It's all about the makes! " Handmade bowls, on the handmade lathe using the handmade chuck and gouges". Well just picture that for a moment! Althought, I 'm gonna start slow I promise.....!

You' re gonna need:

-Some 20mm plywood

-A threaded rod along with some nuts (8mm worked for me)

-Woodglue and some screws.

Let's have a look at the vid of the make above.

(or here )

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More coming up...

Thanks for watching! It realy helps..


TheThinker (author)2017-03-30

Videos don't show up on Instructables app.

ZepLabs (author)TheThinker2017-03-30

Sorry to hear that. Just added a link at the bottom of the article.

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