Introduction: 4 Jumbo Wheel Robot

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A fun four jumbo wheel robot that is able to carry a sufficient amount of weight while moving in a hypersonic speed.

Step 1: Base

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Create the base using 4 Chassis rails,15-hole angle bar, and a Chassis bumper. Use 8 screws and 8 keps nuts to tighten the rails.

Step 2: Motors

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Place 2 Bearing Blocks on the 7th square hole fron the back of the robot of each side of the 2nd and 3rd Chassis rail, then add 2 motor modules.

Step 3: Gear

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After builting the block bearing, insert 4 square bars into the middle hole of each block bearing. Then enter a 64 tooth gear into the square bar attached to the motor on each side and enter a 36 tooth gear to the other square bar.

Step 4: Wheels

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After putting in the square bars, you then add the wheels to the long square roots( the one's not attached to the motor). You'd also add 2 jumbo wheels next to the jumbo wheel .( Neither of them are attached to the motor.

Step 5: VEX Controller

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After adding the wheels, you then add the VEX Controller. Attach a 10 hole bar to the 2nd and 3rd Chassis rail using 2 screws and 2 keps nuts. After attaching the bar, you then attach the VEX Controller to the bar using another pair of 2 screws and keps nuts.

Step 6: Adding Power

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This step is very simple. All you do is attach the end of the battery to the positive\negative input of the the VEX Controller. (We dont have a battery holder so we just left it on one of the rails.)

Step 7: Attaching Motors

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This step is also very simple . All you do is attach the red and black wires from the motor to the VEX Controller motor input.( one of the wires gets attached to 1 while the other goes to 10)

Step 8: Sled Holder

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Attach a 5 hole angular bar to the slanted end of base using 2 screws and keps nuts. Than attach the 9 hole bar to the 1st hole of the angular bar.(Use a screw and a keps nut).

Step 9: Building a Sled

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To build a sled, you 1st you need a flat plate, you then get 4 flat bearing and attach them to the 4 corners of the flat plate using 2 spacers, 2 long screws, and 2 keps nuts for each side. You also need to attach 2 of the 5 inch axle in two open holes around the middle of the flat plate.( they are the places where you'd put your weight on).

Step 10: Attaching the Sled

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This is the most basic step. All you do is screw the side of the sled to the 9 hole bar using 4 screws and keps nuts. Than screw a gusset to the 15 hole angular bar and screw the 9 hole bar to the end of the gusset.

Step 11: Final Product

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Step 12: Materials

4 Chassis rails
1 15 hole angular bar
1 10 hole angular bar
1 Chassis bumper
2 64 tooth gear
2 36 tooth gear
10 block bearings.
4 Jumbo wheels
2 motors
1 Vex Controller
1 battery
1 gusset
1 9 hole bar
1 flat plate
2 5inch axles
4 flat bearings
Around 44 Screws and keps nuts.
16 spacers
6 square bars
6 collars

Step 13: Tools

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small hex wrench
big hex wrench

Step 14: Gear Ratio

our gear ratio is 36:60
we chose this because we felt that it best suited our robot.
the input RPM is 110 while the output is 183.7
input torque is 1.67 N*M
output torque is 1 N*M

Step 15: Wheel Size

actual speed is 3.3
theoritical speed is 2.8

Step 16: Design Iteration

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check our notebook.


tomatoskins (author)2015-06-10

I'm liking all these robots that I've seen posted!

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