Introduction: 5 K' Nex Guns and 1 Sword . Instructions Coming Soon !

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Hello !

I love K' nex, so I create some K' nex guns ...
These is my four guns :

In the first picture , you can see my " Revenge V.100 " . It' s a sniper and its shoots are very powerful !
In the second , this is a variant : my " Revenge V.101 . Its got a turret in the front , with 4 or 8 shoots .
The next gun is my T35 . It' s small , but the reload is fast , and is powerful .
For the 4th , this is my D50 . Its a gun with double shoots , and it' s very powerful too ;) ...
But its trigger is not very good , I do one' s best , sorry ...
The 5th is my favorite : My semi-auto pistol . It's very puissant !
And the last it' s my giant sword : Earthquake I

I have other K' nex guns , but the instructions of these guns are not mine ...

The instructions of these four guns coming soon , but it' s a long work ...
For the instructions , you can search " The Revenge ... " or " T35 - Instructions ... " or " D50 - Instructions ... " .

P.S : Sorry for my bad English , but I' m French and I ' m 12 ...

- Guiguivinvin -


Guiguivinvin (author)2012-07-02

Er... No , I don't want to create the shield ... Because ... Er , I don't want :s

~Meme~ (author)2012-07-01

If you like Zelda, you should make the sword and shield!

Guiguivinvin (author)2012-05-30

Ok but that's my first gun , is normally if it's bad ... But now I have finish a sniper with a pump ! I'm going to put that on Instructables ...

dr. richtofen (author)2012-05-24

The only, a bit, good one is the semi auto thing. The rest of the guns suck. Sword is ok, but make it 5 layers

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Bio: I ' m 12 and I French . I create crazy but small K'nex guns or something in K'nex ... I love Zelda on Wii or ... More »
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