Introduction: 4 Legged Robot Transformation (2 Robots Merging Into 1)

Another one of our projects that we did years back where we had 2 standalone, fully functional tracked robots that combined together to become a 4 legged robot that moved around in synchronised effort.

All electronics and hardware parts shown in the video are handmade, cut, milled and fabricated in house =).

Video Location: AIS Cube, Singapore


aaaooo60 (author)2013-01-30

sir, i am trying to build a quad pet with 8 servo using c language but i am finding very hard to implement because i am first time using servo motor and unable to control it so sir can you plz gave me few sample code to control servo motor and rest i can do it my self because my teacher don't know any thing about servo motor programing.

ezarate (author)2011-09-03

try to make megatron next xD

tonll (author)ezarate2011-09-04

*grin* Now THAT's an idea.
Hahhaha... thanks dude.

axeman911 (author)2011-07-18

that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

tonll (author)axeman9112011-07-18

Awww thanks!

_Martinius_ (author)2011-07-18

absulutly cool

tonll (author)_Martinius_2011-07-18

thanks dude =)

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