I always wanted to build a laser spirograph. I was inspired on this site from Quackmaster Dan's 4 motor build. I came up with my own version as I didn't want to use a handheld or batteries. Thanks to all the posted builds for the tips and ideas!

Everything was purchased from e-bay with the exception of the project box that I purchased from Digi-Key. I tried to stick with US sellers, but 1 item came from China. I always go with deals with free shipping whenever possible.

USA e-bay seller "thaishine" had the majority of parts and their shipping is Lightning Fast and FREE! A+++++++++

The 532 nm module I purchased was 13mm and I had to drill out the aluminum mount 1mm to fit the module. Wish I hadn't used such a large "Master Switch" as it dwarfed the other components! It was also the part I waited on from China. Sacrificed an old DB-25 computer cable for the wire needed. I followed wiring schematics from other Spirograph's shown here on this site. The lens I used was a beveled coated vintage piece I got from e-bay. I used a Dremel to bevel the hole for the lens using a slightly smaller flat washer glued to the inside of the project box as a guide. I used scrap 1/4" aluminum blocks cut to the width of the CD ROM motors as heat sinks,, the 317 regulator, etc.

2 part epoxy was used to glue down the heat sinks for the motors, but I used hot glue to attach the CD ROM motors to the heat sinks so I could change them if they became defective. I mounted the LM 317 to a piece of 1/4" aluminum attached with small bolts and nuts to the project box. I used a piece of terminal strip there to make the electrical connections as well. I also attached the fan the same way and drilled a series of cooling holes for ventilation. I used an 7VDC - AC power supply and dropped down the voltage to 3VDC for the laser module using a LM317. The fan and motors run fine at 7VDC. I lined up the mirrors one at a time and after all 4 were mounted, I then carefully marked the hole through the case for the lens. I centered the laser beam every step of the way on each mirror to ensure that I had eveything aligned properly. TIP: Make sure everything is aligned and working properly before final glue down of the motors!

With the 4 motors that reverse direction and with adjustable speed, the patterns are endless. GREAT PROJECT!

It took me about 4 weeks to gather all the parts, but I was going for "CHEAP"! The build took me about 6 hours to complete.

I built this as a gift for my Grandsons Birthday coming up in April.

Schematic included.

Spirograph Parts List:

1-Digi-Key HM961-ND BOX POLY 7.48X4.33X2.39" TR CL. $12.51
1-532nm 100mw Green 13mm Laser Diode Module with driver. $7.51
1-12X30mm heatsink mount for AixiZ 12X30mm. $3.95
1-50mm Coated Glass Welders Safety Lens $1.00
1-Sunon MagLev Fan 30X30mm.  $2.70
4-Pot Knobs     $.50 Each  $2.00
4-100K OHM Linear Taper Rotary Potentiometers $1.00 Each  $4.00
4-CD Rom Motors    $.59 Each  $2.36
1-Master Switch W/Green LED   $5.00 (waste of $5)
1-LM317T Voltage Regulator   $.34
4-Mini Toggle Switch DPDT   $1.00 Each  $4.00
1-4mm Cable Gland  $.20
4-1" Round Glass Mirrors      $.8 Each  $.32       $1.99 for 25 at Michaels Crafts
(turned into front side mirrors using mirror tip here on this site)
Scrap pieces of aluminum, old computer cable wire, shrink tubing and 7 volt power supply from my junk box.

Total build cost: $46.20


wow?still no reply 1 year later.. i can pay more now if you like
<p>Tell me if your interested, I am starting a really tiny kit business, and I will offer laser spirograph kits with al the parts necessary. Hit me an email at electricity440@gmail.com if you have any ideas etc.</p>
Hello jakeyboiixx, I am building one of these for a class project. I would be willing to sell it when I am done. It is very similar but is going to have an &quot;auto&quot; switch so you dont have to manualy use the controls. The switches and layout are very similar. Let me know if interested.
very nice! <br> <br>are you able to build me one, i've been searching for pre built ones for 3 months now and can not find one :( <br> <br>and i am unfortunately no good at building stuff :( <br> <br>i can pay under $110 <br> <br>contact me asap if your intrested thanks &lt;3

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