Introduction: 4 Practical Smartphone Hacks

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Four practical hacks to make your day better.

Step 1: Add a Filter to Your Life

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Install a blue-light filter to all your devices like smartphone, tablets, desktops etc this protects your eyes from be strained, it works by placing a red overlay on the screen to change its color temperature.

more info here

Step 2: Use Alarm That Works

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Use a alarm application that actual work, there are one's like where you can only turn off by scanning a QR code printout or using a NFC chip. you place QR printout in bathroom. Here a list

Step 3: Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing Alcohol)

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Use rubbing alcohol to clean smart-phone screen after you touch it all the time, it removes fingerprint marks and kills off germs on your phone.

Caution: Not to use on products with oleophobic coating like iPhone

Step 4: Breathe

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Breathing deeply, consciously and slowly calms you down use a smart-phone appliction to remind you to breathe list in the link


TomV4 (author)2016-03-20

Cleaning instructions for my iPad caution against using any sort of cleaner, and I would think that something volatile like alcohol would be very risky around the electronics. The Apple screens are said to be oleophobic, meaning that oily smudges are easily removed with only a soft, dry cloth.

superthunder bolt (author)TomV42016-03-20

hey thanks for the caution i guess but i used to use ipa on my iPhone 4s years back i did face much problem then i moved on to Android phone so I'm a bit outdated on that frontier

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