Picture of 4 Pronged Outdoor Spear
In this step by step tutorial I will be showing you how to make your very own 4 Pronged Outdoor Spear.

Step 1: Suplies

Picture of Suplies
You will need most of the items shown in this picture. You will also need a large stick and two smaller sticks which will be shown in the steps after this one.
HollyMann2 years ago
Wow - awesome! Great job explaining this - I love it! Now what will you use that for? :) I've only seen a spear similar once before - I was visiting a rural hilltribe in northern Thailand. The kids had one like this - not sure if the one they had was longer but the materials they had access to were different and the pointy pieces were thinner. They used it on our hike in the mountains and caught fish! It was INCREDIBLE..I'll never forget it!
I was watching Dual Survival a couple of years ago and Cody made one. He used it for fishing also. It is a really neat weapon!
GumbasJackknob (author) 2 years ago
Thanks for all the views, favorites, and comments!!!!!! Be sure to vote for my spear in the Great Outdoors Contest!!!!!!!!
davin_x2 months ago

Interesting and easy to follow guide. I'd also suggest to lightly scorch / burn the tips so that they become harder. These spears were commonly used for fishing in shallow pools.

sir_ghattas5 months ago

Great instructible, I remember making one when I was 13, it was so much fun to do.

philocirapt0r6 months ago

just what I need!

Thanks for posting, I'm going to use an elongated version to hunt water snakes in the stream behind my house
Great job!!! This can be used fishing but I use it for snake hunting in my backyard.
XxNerdKxX2 years ago
why not shave all the bark off first?
cwells82 years ago
great job it looks awesome i will deffinently try it and catch fish with it
Kinkhoss2 years ago
totally love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monkey1242 years ago
That is really cool
crazyzebb2 years ago
be careful bud. don't chop your finger off
Master978652 years ago
That's so awesome! I can't wait to make one and do something cool with it.
saw this exact spear i and made a few as a kid it was in the 'handymans guide to the outdoors' had tons of oldschool projects for kids these spears where said to be for hunting frogs, snakes, fish ect... and with some teeth cut on the inside of the prongs gave them a good barb action for grabbing them slippery critters
schou2 years ago
jkdabrown2 years ago
Great very detailed instructable.
mbecks2 years ago
Nice little spear if you add a piece of rubber or a band from some stretchy pants you then have a Hawaiian sling.
thebear12 years ago
nice job but you should never hit on the back of a knife blade they can crack and shatter on you best to use a floe or a wood chisel just a little tip from an old wood worker
all in all nice work on this spear