4 Simple Paper Crafted Items




Introduction: 4 Simple Paper Crafted Items

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You need papers,scissors,tape and you are good to go

i will show easy methods to make following things using paper and some other easily excess able stuff.

1. paper airplane

2.paper boat

3.paper rose

4.paper gun

Step 1: Paper Airplane

To make a airplane we only need one sheet of paper. just fold the paper as shown in the Gif . It is really simple.

Step 2: Paper Boat

To make the paper boat we should first make the paper in an square shaped. make sure to use thicker paper in order to prevent it to sink. you can ask me any question if you have any confusion

Step 3: Paper Rose

To make a paper rose just cut two to three strips for beautiful rose. and repeat the first steps until you complete the rose at the end use glue are tape to bind the starting and end part of the strip. then use paper to make a stem and paste with the rose

Step 4: Paper Gun

To make the paper gun we will need a rubber band. First of all role a paper and then use tape to secure it on place then fold one quarter of the tube. then use another paper to make a handle for easy grip. After this step use a rubber band as shown in pic. to fire just unfold the back end of tube .



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Those would make cute kids crafts :)