Picture of 4 Square Top Tutorial
The 4 Square Top tutorial includes instructions to make a top out of 4 squares of fabric.

~ Use 1/4” seam allowance for knit fabrics.  If using a woven, add an additional 1/4” to the seam allowance.
~ Red stitching in illustration represents the instructed stitching for that particular instruction.

The  4 Square Top tutorial is for personal use only.  You are free to share, teach, and/or use this tutorial provided that there is no monetary exchange related to this tutorial and Jamie Christina Designs is properly credited.  All designs, images, and text are copyright ©2012 Jamie Christina Designs.  All rights Reserved.
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Step 1: Measurements

Picture of Measurements
The 4 Square Top is a loose fitting top.  The 18” squares should fit most sizes, however, feel free to increase or decrease the square size according to your preference.  An important measurement is the depth of the “V”.  For my measurements, I determined the distance to be 7 1/2”.  I then added the 1/4” seam allowance, which gave me a total distance of 8”.  This is the number I use in Step 1 (see page 2).  If you prefer a different measurement for the V, then use that number instead of 8” for step 1.  If you decide to increase the V’s length by 2” or more, then cut out 19” squares rather than the suggested 18” squares.

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials
(4) 18” fabric squares - Knit fabrics work best, but woven fabrics with a lot of drape would work with this top too.  Suggested fabrics are jersey, lace, or chiffon.

20” strip of shoulder strap material such as: ribbon, bias tape, or twill tape.  1/4” bias tape was used for cover pic.

Step 3: Cut Corners Off

Picture of Cut Corners Off
Cut the corners off of all squares as illustrated.  If you want the V to be a different length, then use that measurement in place of the 8”.

Step 4: Label Pieces

Picture of Label Pieces
Discard the corner pieces.  Finish raw edges if fabric unravels.  Rotate pieces and mark pieces as Front Right, Front Left, Back Right, and Back Left as illustrated.  Note the direction of the stripes if working with striped fabric.
I am making this! Very cool!
I love this. cannot wait to make one for my wife. Thanks.
I hope you share a picture with us when you do!
jamiechristina (author)  biochemtronics2 years ago
Welcome! I hope she likes it =)
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Lovely! And so simple. Thank you for sharing your technique with us. I hope to see more!
vjradley2 years ago
I absolutely love this. Have you tried this with ruffled fabric? Also, if you make the squares bigger and till cut the 8" at the corners, would that work?
kairedfern2 years ago
This is great! Could you do the squares a little smaller for a fitted look?
jamiechristina (author)  kairedfern2 years ago
Thanks! It will still have a loose fitted look even with smaller squares.
jamiechristina (author) 2 years ago
Thanks Penolopy!
That looks fantastic! So easy and such a cute design!