4 Ways to Make Your Phone Last Longer



Introduction: 4 Ways to Make Your Phone Last Longer

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Hey guy, today I am going to show how to prolong the life of your Phone. I hope you enjoy this instructabe.

Here is the link to my youtube channel: The Makester

Step 1: Do Not Let Your Phone Charge All Night

It may be nice to have a fully charged phone in the morning, but it actually ruins the battery.

Step 2: Only Charge Your Phone Using the Cable That Came With Your Phone

Only use the phone charger given by the phone company. Other chargers could potentially hurt your phone. Your phone could burst, black out, and work slower. Although not all 3rd party cables bad, it is just better to be safe.

Step 3: Do Not Close Your Apps in Multitask

You may think that closing apps save energy, but it does not. Apps in the background are paused and do not use up energy. It actually takes up energy to start an app,

Step 4: Do Not Let Your Phone Get Too Cold or Too Hot

Do not leave your phone in very cold weather or very hot weather. The phone may shut down or even turn off. Phones are not as strong as us, so be careful.



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