first of all.yes it is 918 cc exactly; i measured it.
i hope to post it soon.

p.s. it took me three weeks to build.

p.s.s. i intnded to put music on it but i didnt have any video editing software.

enjoy the video.
beware, your cat has that suicidal look in his eyes again!!
btw.Ii didn't mention but the valves fire on time!!!
you spelt CARBURATOR wrong
nice cat
why did you reply to me?
i think you should put water in the tank and see what happens !!! drrrrrrrrrrrr
I think a Rotary engine would be more interesting.<br />
i have been thinking about that. but i need to post some instructables and i have to many projects to do<br />
what kind of four cylinder has a blower? lol
one that somebody made and had enough parts to add a blower thought &quot;aww what the hell&quot;<br />
could have had better cams
they worked and went off on time that was good enough for me<br />
i love the cat lol
you should have made an instructable for that, i love knex
use movie maker, every windows computer (except win 2000) has it...
lol. thanks
Very awesome video! that is amazing.. you have talent! <br/><br/>Calvin Price<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://performance-engine-rebuild-kits.com">Engine rebuild</a><br/>
check my engine out
thanks the link is cool
what is the combination of gears you use to get the cam speed a 1/4 of crank speed. this is for timing by the way and im stuck. I can only get 1/3 of crank speed or 1/5 of crank speed. help would be much appreciated.
i had to make my own
And how did you do that?
you need a 2-1 <sup>or something like that</sup> hard to describe ill send you pictures.<br/>
heheh see your cat's face O_O!
lol i know. i didnt even notice him but when i saw the vdeo i was like wtf then lol. wow that sound weird when you say it.
K'nex projects aren't really for me and I usually don't even read them, but this project... <em>wow</em>! <br/><br/>What a great replica, this has got to be the best k'nex project on here IMO<br/>
thanks. and replica? what do you mean. i just built this out from my head.
What I meant was that you've reproduced a working model of an engine, a replica. I'm seriously impressed, I'll add some stars
this looks really cool i rellay hope you gona post this
thanks. but i do need to post the crane i made.

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