4 Cylinder 918cc Knex Engine



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Introduction: 4 Cylinder 918cc Knex Engine

About: i love to do anything and make anything. i'm full of ideas. give me an idea and ill make a detailed blueprint of it. though unfortunately most of my ideas never get built :_(

first of all.yes it is 918 cc exactly; i measured it.
i hope to post it soon.

p.s. it took me three weeks to build.

p.s.s. i intnded to put music on it but i didnt have any video editing software.

enjoy the video.



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    beware, your cat has that suicidal look in his eyes again!!

    btw.Ii didn't mention but the valves fire on time!!!

    why did you reply to me?

    i think you should put water in the tank and see what happens !!! drrrrrrrrrrrr

    i have been thinking about that. but i need to post some instructables and i have to many projects to do

    one that somebody made and had enough parts to add a blower thought "aww what the hell"

    they worked and went off on time that was good enough for me

    you should have made an instructable for that, i love knex

    use movie maker, every windows computer (except win 2000) has it...