Step 8: And lastly...

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Before you actually roast with a basket, make sure it won't lose any beans. Put a batch of beans in the basket,(1/4 - 1/3 full), and rotate without heat for several minutes. This will show you most any problem that the basket may have.

Some things to consider when ordering green beans:

I always add the cost of shipping to the cost of the beans and divide by the pounds of beans to get the cost per pound. This cost per pound is very influential when I'm looking to buy green beans.

A first time roaster shouldn't be afraid to order 5 lbs. of one type of coffee to start, I suggest to search for sampler kits of green beans. Some sites do offer this.

This is where I started out. I ordered 5 different 5lb. bags, free shipping with 25lbs or more).
They have sampler packs as well.

The next address is where I ordered my last 50lb bag of coffee.

The Kona coffee came from:
I purchased 2lbs. and we enjoy this expensive coffee once a month or so.
My next exotic coffee will probably be Jamaican Blue Mountain. The buying of expensive coffee is very limited in our budget.

And you might want to check into "Kopi Luwak", or "Civet coffee". This is the most expensive coffee in the world according to what I've read. But if you look it up you'll see why the Bob family won't be ordering any! The process that these beans go through before shipping is different, I must say!

I hope that I have been able to give you some ideas, or inspirations.

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legamin1 year ago

such great evolutionary process certainly gives me a good trajectory for my own experimentation. Thanks! I will add that you should not exclude Kopi Luwak out of hand. My wife and I were introduced to this when we received a gift of a pound of it. After making some and raving over it (honestly exceeds any bestest coffees I've ever had!!!) we were informed, somewhat playfully, of the 'process'. It didn't changed the flavor! It still gets roasted at high temps and has boiling water pressed through the grounds so it's quite safe. If you try it you will imagine some sort of excuse to drink it as budget allows. Back when we got our first batch the cost flew up to $1800 per lb due to the horrible tsunami which wiped out most of the plantations and animals where it was produced. Fortunately after five plus years they are recovering and the beans can be had for as little as $150 lb..cheaper than my favorite tea. I scrimp and save in many ways but I demand my foolish pleasures!