Picture of Jeep Wrangler 4 Door Rack
This is a quick door rack to keep your jeep doors safe when you are driving around doorless.
Seemed like a good first instructable. :-)

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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts
From Home Depot:

4 - 10' X1" PVC pipe
6 - 1" pipe insulators
14 - 1" PVC elbows
10 - 1" PVC TEEs

Cost about $35

Cut the pipe into 10 - 2' sections,
8 - 4" sections,
and the rest into 1' sections.

Step 2: Put together the verticles

Picture of Put together the verticles
Connect two 2' sections and one 1' section with elbows.
Do this 5 times.

Step 3: Start the base

Picture of Start the base
Create two base sections each with a TEE, 1' section, TEE, 1' section, TEE.
Before you press them together too hard make sure that all of the TEE sections are pointing down and flat on the ground. This will help to ensure they all point straight up.

Then connect three of the vertical sections into these.

Step 4: Cross members and ends

Picture of Cross members and ends
Create two sections each with a 4" section, TEE, 4" section, elbow.
Then connect the two sections at the TEE with a 1' section.
Connect this to the one end of the main base and add a vertical upwards from the elbows.
Repeat this on the opposite end.
And look at the pictures... its easier than reading all this. :-)

Step 5: Foam It Up!!

Picture of Foam It Up!!
Cut the foam pipe insulators to fit every section of 1" pipe you can.
The insulators are split down the middle and are self adhesive so you can cut them, wrap them around and secure them in place very easily.
The foam insulators are just a bit wider than the elbows and tees so the doors can rest against them without rubbing PVC.

Only needed 3 of the 6' foam insulators. I spray painted the PVC before putting the insulation on too.

ALDEREAGLE made it!1 month ago
Very quick and easy to build. Charlieandheather's list and dimensions were spot on and very helpful. We were actually able to take back 2 of the foam pipes, but I would get them just to be safe.
Charlieandheather made it!3 months ago

Super easy build! Thanks for sharing! I had to figure out the rest of the measurements from he "addendum" because they weren't specific. A few changes I made were:

Only buy three: 10'X1" PVC pipes, not 4

When you cut the pipes, instead of ten 2' sections, make them 19"

instead of eight 4" sections make them 2" sections

instead of "the rest" 1' sections make them 6" sections.

Everything else is as he instructs. Pretty easy build! Only took me like 3 hours... But I had to cut & re-cut a few times to get the spacing just right.


C&H, do you have any pics of your rack with doors in it? Also, did you attach your pvc rack to the furniture dolly with a 2 hole strap or just screw the pvc directly into the dolly?


carrie.jewell2 made it!3 months ago
Without the base.works awesome
schlivitz4 years ago
Too cool. I feel stupid for not thinking that one up myself. I 'll fix mine to hang from the ceiling in the garage.
angelabchua4 years ago
Pretty Genius! I have a friend who just stacks them against the wall in her garage when she takes them off. And either never puts them back on, or never takes them off to begin with because it's such a pain.