This 4-in-1 combo of a scarf, hat, fingerless gloves and mitten pocket saves space (no need to find a place to put your hat and gloves) and time (no more searching endlessly for that lost glove).  The hat keeps your ears warm so you don’t need earmuffs and has an optional opening for a ponytail.  The scarf keeps your neck warm, plus the slot used to cross the scarf helps keep you from choking yourself.  The best part is the fingerless gloves that are inside of a mitten-like pocket, allowing you to keep your hands warm while having easy access to your fingers (very useful for those with iPhones).  You don't need to take your hand out of the glove - just slide your hand out of the mitten pockets and you're good to go!  An added bonus is the mitten pocket can be used as a normal pocket as well!  This is a fairly simple project and doesn’t require a lot of time or materials. 

Step 1: Materials

You really don't need to many things to make this project.   I used fleece, but you could use any type of material that can stretch a little (which is necessary for the fingerless gloves). I sort of eyeball everything, so I don't even use a ruler to measure anything out.  Here is all that is really needed:

1.  F
leece (I bought 1 yard for $4 and still have a good bit left over)

2.  Scissors

.  Something to mark your cutting and sewing lines with (chalk would probably be best, but since I didn’t have any, I made do with a pencil.  You could also use pieces of masking tape).


5.  Sewing machine (you could technically use a needle and thread for this whole project if you really wanted to and were crazy enough to, but it would take way too much time).

How much would you charge for a few of those?
<p>I love this 4 in 1 combo, but the directions on how to measure for the scarf is a bit wrong! I had to measure from the back of the neck to my finger tip in order to get the right length! My first one was measured from the chest to the finger tip and it was 28 inches, that is nine inches to short for me! I did it my way and it's perfect! PS. This is a model person not me! This in't the one I made for me! I made this one for a lady friend who wanted me to make one for her. So, the too small one went to her little girl who is around 9 yrs. old</p>
Thank you, exactly what i was looking for my son. Wonderful instructable.
Awesome combination!
Awesome. Most genius. For the pockets, I would add a zipper/button/strings to close the pocket so if I hook it up somewhere whatever is in my pocket won't fall out. And animal ears to the hat. Definitely. And since there's animal ears why no make the pocket-gloves have animal paws too? Love your idea, it would make a wonderful gift.
Very good idea, I loved it! Thanks for sharing!
Hello, your idea is great- but I have a disability and I am unable to use my hands to make any hand crafted stuff. Do you make these hat/scarf/mitten/fingerless sets to order by any chance? Or know of anyone that will make one to order?
I am going to make one of these for my wife and if it does OK will send pics.of it if you have not got one made yet. Will then give you price of it including shipping if you want one. This would require your measurements that you can do with a tape measure. Go to my profile and send me an answer.
Hi trogabird,<br>That would be great! I look forward to seeing your set. By the way, I can't remember if I told you where we live- Ireland, so please let me know the total price. I hope it goes well for you.<br>Thank you<br>Roberta
I will start these as soon as possible and also see what different colors the material comes in.
hi i am unable to get any fleece so what is the alternate material you can use?
I love, love, love your instructable. I have a very big head due to me having extremely long, thick hair (past my bottom). I have a problem finding winter hats. They usually slide off my head. The idea of sewing the hat to scarf and mittens will surely eliminate this problem. I also like the hole for the pony tail. Your instructable has now inspired me to make my own and for family. Thank you so much for this instructable.
I have actually managed to complete one, and want to make a couple of suggestions. <br><br>If you are anywhere near 6 feet in height, you may need closer to 1.5 yards of fabric. I didn't consider the need for the fabric to go around my neck, and will need to add a piece in the middle to make it long enough. Speaking of which, make the hat diameter a good bit more than you think you will need, because it seems to shrink with each addition of stitching.<br><br>I really didn't get that the mittens double as the &quot;pockets&quot;, for some reason that wasn't clear to me in the original instructions. <br><br>The gloves and pocket access also tripped me up. I wasn't clear that the pocket access slit should be on the same side of the scarf as the slit for the glove. I am also still trying to figure out how to get the gloves on right to be in the correct orientation when having the scarf the right way out. I will probably end up putting them on last after I have the scarf the right way around.<br><br>But overall, still awesome!
i see choke hazard written all over this.
this is fantastic, way to go on sharing something so cool
Now if the mittens had thumbs, then I could use these while driving. I like it though, and will definitely be picking up some fabric and borrowing a sewing machine over the christmas break.
Most excellent! Brilliant idea, great instructions, excellent photos. I'm only a marginal sewer (sewist? sewman?). I sewed clothes for my GI Joe doll...hoping that will see me through! I appreciate the hands-on measuring method....seems like it will be easy to modify and custom fit. Thanks for sharing this with us!
I want this badly. I have no discernible sewing ability. I will simply envy you all.
These gloves are excellent! <br>
Brilliant idea! And really nice instruction, my mother made her own in less than a hour!<br> Thanks from her ;)<br>
It's a <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lorax">Thneed</a>.Great design.<br>
They are very pretty :)
So cool. Could maybe use some ear-covering flaps? Though maybe you just made the hat long enough to cover the ears.
nice !
With the addition of bear ears this would be perfect.
What a clever idea, and what great instructions! Well done.
I love the hole for the ponytail!
Awesome! A lot of other 4-in-1 combos only give you one thing at a time- A waste of warmth and space. This eliminates that! Great Job!!!!
Absolutely brilliant!<br><br>This would be prefect for my 6yr old. He couldn't lose his mittens and hat and scarf separately. He'd have to lose them all together.
how did you come up with this
You should change the name of this to &quot; The Most Excellent Winter Accesory Known to Mankind&quot; <br>Or peoplekind, if that sounds better. <br>Or if you just don't like the word &quot;mankind&quot; you can change it. <br>Or something like that.
This is a genius idea. I can't wait to go pick some fabric to make this. The only thing is that I don't have access to a sewing machine, so I'll probably end up sewing most of it by hand. I'm that excited to make this. :)
I&nbsp;had seen the gloves/mittens sewn on the ends of a scarf, but to sew the scarf to the hat too is brilliant. For some reason I want to see fringe sewn on the ends of the mittens.&nbsp;<br />

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