Picture of 4-leaf Clovers: A Finder's Guide
I find four-leaf clovers frequently, even when not explicitly looking. Many find this "gift" extraordinary, and even though this mutation is reported to only occur once in about 10,000 clovers, getting lucky isn't as hard as one would think.

Step 1: Background: The Clover

Picture of Background: The Clover
4-leaf clovers are a mutation of the usually 3-leafed White Clover plant, Trifolium repens. One clover is actually one leaf of a larger plant, with 3 leaflets. Mutations can occur due to a low frequency recessive gene or environmental causes. Often the reason for mutation is differentiable from one clover to another. The mutation does not stop at the 4-leafed variety: 5-leafed clovers are not uncommon. However, the more leaflets, the harder they are to find (and the luckier they are): the record is an 18-leaf clover, and the highest I've ever seen is 10-leafed.
Book Girl1 month ago
I found 10 in 2 days


Anddino153 months ago

I have found that they grow in groups as well. If you find one keep looking in same area. I have found up to 5 next to each other. How I also found a 7 leaf clover.

i found a four leaf clover and a six leaf clover yesterday outside in the yard. 4/6/2015. then outside getting some sun, found 12 four leaf clovers and 5 five leaf clovers today hope its alots of luck . this time last year found the same in my back yard. ive moved since then . really need some luck. hope it comes for me and my kids, since we lost my husband and mother n law too Cancer.

I found my first four leaf clovers today. I found 4 of them. I want to keep them and laminate them but don't want them to get ruined. Does anyone know the best way to laminate it without it being ruined?

i bought a laminating machine from walmart about 30.00 put them in book or between paper towels for just a day make sure they are flat them laminate them ive got some back from 1997 that still look great

idk but i guess just get like you know um the plastic baggies and put it in there

also a little FYI on finding clovers i take my foot and skim the top of patch 4leaf have thicker stems and often stand straight up give it a try

hi,have a question for someone/anybody yesterday at work i found clover stem that has 7 (yes i said 7 different clovers on it some small rest medium size.i found about 2500 or more clovers most of which i laminated, Just wondering how commom this is ive found 2&3 on the same stem but never 7 ,found in fayetteville,ga

camio113 years ago
I live in New Zealand and I spent an hour looking for 4 leaf clovers and I did not find 1, are they harder to find in NZ. (P.S I AM 11)

I live in NZ too, and I found one yesterday!

dcbeher10 months ago

oct. 17,2014 found two covers royal oak, micigan, one 11 leaf, one 39 to 41 leaflet can't tell for sure, clovers.appears to be differant variety clover than trifolium repens.

rtakeall10 months ago

I found three 5 leave clovers today and found 3 earlier this week! I have about 10 so far that I've found in the last month! Actually, my dog Sable found them.


An easy way to get a four leaf clover consists in buying it!

That's my lazy way..heheh


They even propose business cards, key rings, letter... Great

I made the mistake of putting this one in my wallet between 2 dollar bills and the ink transferred onto the leaves. That is a U.S. quarter for size comparison. Found in August of 2012

SynCallio1 year ago

You use the same method I do: look for patterns! I started finding four-leaf clovers (and five, six, and seven-leaf clovers) in high school. I usually just stand over a patch of clover and stare at it, looking for breaks in the pattern. I don't know how many I've found: never as many as 166 in one year, but enough.

i am 10 and i think i found a four leafed clover but im not sure i think its a weed but idk

jkershaw3 years ago
hi all how exciting to find so many people talking about these special clovers in 1 place! as a kid i spent hours/days/weeks etc looking for 4leafed clovers...anyway i carried on believing they didnt exist. i now know better! ive found over 80x4leafed about 6x5leafed & 1x6leafed. the most perfect 4xleafed i found i immediately laminated . . DO NOT DO THIS! it went in green & came out brown haha! they definately "call" to me when theres 1 to be found i get a feeling & go out the back & generally straight to it! yesterday 2 of my friends thought i was mad when i started looking saying "theres a 4xleafed clover to be found i can feel it". i didnt find it as i had to go out but today had the feeling again & found 2x5leafed clovers! ps-i immediately text messaged my 2 concerned friends!!!
Luckygirl233 years ago
Today I found 10 four leaf clovers and 2 six leaf clovers.. I must be a lucky girl. I stuck them in a heavy book to dry. Is that what most people do?
amy m short3 years ago
4 4leaf.JPG
amy m short3 years ago
4 4leaf.JPG
amy m short3 years ago
amy m short3 years ago
i have 4 - four leaf clovers growing together
laurfrances3 years ago
Is a 4 leaf clover the same as a 4 leaf shamrock (oxalis?) Is this also lucky?
my dad and i were outside and i said there is only 1 4 leaf clover in every patch we looked for no more then 30 sec and he found one and i said its good luck and not to let me touch and put it somewhere safe so he put it in his wallet
nmedel4 years ago
I just found a four-leaf clover today!!! How do preserve it?
awaard nmedel4 years ago
I do:

1. Flatten them with your thumb.

2. Put it on a piece of paper and fold it in half.

3. Put it in a heavy book and wait about a day.
18arnot awaard3 years ago
thts all...really isnt there more you need to do...jw
Hi, Im also a finder, i have a reasonable amount now, the latest being a 6 leaf, I just have keep them in a book and seems to be ok. I am planning to get it laminated, i think this would be the way, but mind that i am new to this.
Botyard3 years ago
Actually the record is now a 21 leaf clover found by the same person... 

WUVIE3 years ago
Wonderful Instructable, thank you so much for sharing this! Great job!
i found a four leaf clover in this old 1934 Edgar A. Guest poetry book. What does this mean??
MimMim183 years ago
the Irish believe that while finding a four-leaf clover will bring you good luck, finding a clover stem with 5 or more leaves is actually unlucky!
So to everyone whos bragging bout finding 5 leafs or more you have BAD LUCK lol.
That is not true. Leaf number 5 stands for MONEY as the other leaves means: Love, Hope, Faith and Luck. However, any additional leaf on clovers are really mutants among the clovers. Finding 4 leaf clovers makes people happy that it is something special. Sites like this brings people together. Have fun. From Lucky Irene
rrivera133 years ago
Irish Luck is ours! We did it! - lol
jpage93 years ago
i found 1 four leaf clover the other day at school, i was really excited! but it was small and ugly :( i didnt think to look around it for another, hmm maybe i will go back to that spot :)
MimMim183 years ago
ive found 2 four leaf clovers in 2 day! and havent even looked for them.. and there were both right outside my front door! x
Lexiz4 years ago
Im 12 years old and iv been looking for a four leaf clover for special reasons
1. I want to have a four leaf clover plant.
2. there is a special portal to see faries with the four leaf clovers
3. I really just want it to find faries! Im in love with faries and i really found ways of talking to them but i NEED a four leaf clover
how do i find one? i liv close to the beach so i dont know were to find one please help me out
Hello Lexiz,
I want for you to keep on believing in faries..Our hopes and wishes are made up on dreams. Unfortuntitly we live in a world of Good and Bad, Angels and Devils and we even have to put up with Ugly Trolls in their rude remarks...
I can honestly tell the world, I have always been very lucky to find 4, 5 and even 6 leaf clovers my entire life and I've never stopped to look for a single one.
They always seem to find me. I've given away many of them to people who believe in the clover's GOOD LUCK for what ever reason on why.. they wanted one. You may contact me at: irene@sunsationalfamilycampground.com
and I will personally mail you a real 4 leaf clover.
So Lexiz, PLEASE keep your Dreams Alive and BELIEVE in anything that makes you feel happy. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely from, Lucky Irene
:) okay i just have to ask my mom if its okay with her and thx for your kind advise (:
Here I am on the front page of our local newspaper. I've given many away and I still have yours Lexiz when you want one or anyone else that wants one too. Best Wishes to all that need a little hope. From Lucky Irene
4-leaf frenzy.jpg
Faries do not exist. A plant doesn't open a portal. And clovers with four leaves do not make more; picking one will kill it, like tearing it's arms and legs off.
Say what ever you want to say i can think what ever i want to!
Hello once again Lexiz; Just as I said, we the believers have the Luck and Hope of better things in life. Keep the Love and Faith alive. Recently, after discovering 100's in a large patch of 4 and even 5 leaf clovers...It was placed
in the front page newspaper in our area. You can surf the web to find the
article of me to type up: News-Milton,Pa.-The Standard-Journal-4-leaf frenzy
And as for anyone else who needs a little LUCK... please e-mail me at: irene@sunsationalfamilycampground.com As long as I have 4 leaf clovers,
I'll be glad to share them. I've even Donated many to a Children's Cancer Hospital. They'll be in wax paper you can open to show you they are real.
Lexiz I'v put one aside for you when your mom gives the ok. From Lucky Irene.

msaladino3 years ago
I love this everyone today I went to my patch I just recently discovered I picked 31 last week and left 5 today there was 21 and I found a 6 leaf and a 5 leaf clover I am choosing to leave them there for now...I find them all the time and consider it to be a sign from a mystical place...For all the young ones on here keep on shining brightly I can see you all as glowing stars make a wish.....This is the next generation of fairy, pixie, angel, and energy healers of the world
Lots of love to all
Ps I took a video and ill share when I get it uploaded
thank you for this blog truly feel blessed
rmanwiller4 years ago
I've looked all my life at times for the 67 years I've been on this planet. I've never found one! But then I don't look for hours on end or are that intent or desperate, nor have the time to spend to find one.

That said, it is obvious that the amount of time spent is critical for success since there is only one found for every 10,000 examined. Although I've yet to see a near-perfectly symmetrical 4-leaf clover like many 3-leaf ones are. I'm told that a 4-leaf synmetrical clover is in the millions to one!! Obviously, the one pictured above on this thread is an example of a non-symmetrical one.

If I ever found a 5-leaf or above, I' d probably hold my own parade! Maybe on the next Saint Patrick's Day!!!
Hey, I am 9 years old, and I found a total of about 52 4 and 5 leaf clovers I found in half an hour, and I'll be happy to send you one. Just tell me what I need to send a letter to you, and you'll have a 5leaf in no time!

Sebastiaan West
precious114 years ago
I found a four leaf clover on the grass outside my house, and there were four more next to it. Dd they all grow off the same one?
Yeah they do (I found like 40 4's and 12 5's in one tiny patch)!

Sebastiaan West (AWAARD's son)
awaard4 years ago
Hi I am a 9 year old collector and I had to use my mother's facebook account. I have a collection from I guess more than 40 4-leaf clovers and something like 12 5-leaf clovers.

Sebastiaan West (Jericho, VT)

PS I have an about 5X4 sq ft patch where I found my collection.

PPS I ate a 4leaf wishing for more, and, here you go!
Does anyone believe on Luck finding you instead of you looking for luck, im asking because the first four leaf clover i found was kind of it found me. I just happen to look down and there it was, on a rather busy walk path.
why is the stalk so thick on the 10 leaf clover?
not an expert, but my opinion is so it can feed all of the extra leaves.
 maybe its been pressed in a book
because it needs to support more weight than a normal clover, and provide more nutrients to the plant itselft
JackieMock5 years ago
hello friends. I am working on an art project, and I know this is sort of a strange question, but would anyone be willing to sell me a four leaf clover that they have found? is so, thepigeonclub@gmail.com is the address to write to!
im interested, i love art, and i love four leaf clovers. i also love mine. i want to know more about it, because i have lots and lots of 4leaf clovers.
4sevens4 years ago
i find on average of 15 per week. thats just when i go out to smoke. i don't hang from a bungi strap apparattus over the ground or anything, but i look from above. on a bet one tiime i found 15 in 2 minutes 7 seconds. i am new to this site but im glad to see other people see them as value. ive also found 5,6,7,and 8 leafers. once i walked through a whole field of clover someone planted, and never saw one. its a numbers thing, i think.
cloverfairy4 years ago
For all of you four leaf clover finders, there is a charity that donates four leaf clovers to children's hospitals. It's called Find a Four Leaf. Check out their website www.findafourleaf.com. If anyone has any extra four leaf clovers that they are willing to get rid of, please send them in, the kids really love them.
WhyHello4 years ago
I have the same knack. The most-leafed clover I've found was 6 leaves.....8 is impressive! I used to keep and catalog every clover that I found....but after finding so many the novelty wore off. One day I found 76 in a kickball field. Nowadays, when I find 4-leafed clovers I often hand them to the next person I see (even if it's a stranger). If there's no one around I just tuck it into the nearest book. My bookshelf is littered with books that contain a clover somewhere, and many library books have been returned with a clover still inside. I figure someone else will be more thrilled with a four leafed clover than I, so why not spread the luck?
Saturn V5 years ago
10-leaf?! I'm green with envy!
If you move the mouse on and off the image note in the second pic, it looks like he's jumping up and down lol
rollch5 years ago
i freeze my clovers. If you do it right you can see all the leafs and thay stay good as new 
s-mac7 years ago
i found a 74 leaf mutant clover in galopicos
PureBreed s-mac7 years ago
yea, thats tough to believe. Picture? thats the only way to prove it.
Not really, that would be surprisingly easy to photoshop. 
cool display!
MaidenJane5 years ago
This reminds me of when I was a kid.  I always found 4-leaf clovers in my front yard - they seemed to grow in certain areas.  I've not had the same luck in my current yard, but we are loaded with clover....perhaps this summer.
Dude I have the gift too, like my grandfather. I'll just be walking along and grab one and people are like "What are you doi.... WTF?!" Must be the Irish heritage! haha I find em all the time in our side yard but I live in the middle of nowhere
I'm ASIAN and I'm an expert clover hunter.
I'm pretty sure he was just joking.
zascecs5 years ago
I guess I'm not the lucky type of guy. Last time I found a 4 leaf clover was 3 years ago...   =/ 
Win Guy5 years ago
I found one! It took me about 15 minutes, but I located it easily! It's a lot of fun!
r3nrut5 years ago
My record was six leaves. I got it laminated but it finally died.
FFVIIBOY5 years ago
Hey a few months ago on a field trip a kid in my class found one and eventually everyone was finding them like every 30 seconds. i only found 3 i think but i dropped one :( I still have them in my room
Midgetable5 years ago
HI! im midgetable long time 4 leaf finder 1st time commenter! lol
of all the clovers ive found and kept, i found that none of them brought me luck until i started giving them away, ide find them and put them through my lamenating machine straight away in a buisness card sized lam-slip and then pop them in my wallet for good luck. I had about 4 one time and decided they were useless superstition but rather than throw them away i gave 1 each to 2 of my friends. they were both overly excited to be given such a unique gift, in the following week "BN" won $4000 at the pokies off a small bet, and brought me a new bike and "BL" was finnally approved for a rental house she'd been sought after and asked me to moove in! now i cant wait to find my next one cause im busting to genie up someone elses day,
P.S. Happy St Patricks day everybody, go have a guinness!
nickodemus5 years ago
The stalk is really thick on the 10-leaf clover. I found a dandelion with a stalk as wide as a ribbon from a computer. I think  it happens when they receive more nutrients than needed, because the dandelion was growing over a sewer line...
some varieties have the white line on the leaf, on a 3 leaf clover the lines on the leaves form a triangle.  On a 4 leaf clover they form a square.  Training my eyes to find the "square" in a patch of "triangles" is the technique i use for finding the 4 leafers.
chlsands6 years ago
Please please people. A four leaf clover has nothing to do with Ireland or St Patricks day and is not a shamrock! A shamrock has 3 three leaves and each are somewhat heart shaped. I once heard a British TV presenter refer to "Irelands four leaf clover day"! OOOHHH it rubs in all the wrong places. This mistake spawned the phrase "luck of the Irish". We're actually a very unlucky nation. I'll use you guide anyway though to find a lucky clover. Wish me luck!
 Yes, but that unluckiness has made you Irish confident and outgoing, but mostly outgoing. So now a days you say "luck of the Irish," or "every one either is Irish or wants to be," not because you believe it, but because you want to believe it. Maybe that's just Vermont, full of Scotish and Irish, maybe it's me, maybe it's because it's the morning. Happy (ish) Saint Patty's day!
could I put them in a card-collecting plastic case and tape off the entry way of the case?
That would only work if you could get all the air out.  What you could do is get some flat heavy books, put the clovers in so that you press them, then tape it.
 That's a huge clover, the ones I've seen are the size of just one of those leaves!
j_wo5 years ago
 It's so dry here that if you're looking, even for a standard patch of clover to dig through, I've got only one thing to say for you...Erin Go Bragh!
medaceina5 years ago
The new record is a 21 leaf clover, found by the same guy that found the 18 leaf one, he breeds them, and even has a four leaf clover patch. There's a picture too!
zigzagchris5 years ago
I found a patch once. didn't count how many 4 leafs i got but i did find one 6 leaf i know. iv gone back to the spot and they have of course disapeared though
cprocjr5 years ago
 I must have superior clovers that are resistant to mutation, because I can't find any! 
cx420ns5 years ago
the rust color may be caused by various diseases, fungi, and nutrient deficiencies.


hi this is boone ,,, clovers grow to make me happy, so when their old enough i can put them in gypsy vases in my caravan :) ahhh then sniff something laaaaarvleey :) heeeeeeheee :):) like now...  and that Gemima the Jackie chan lover is just silly  :/
excuse me. ??? this gemimaa (call me michael,,evreyone else does)
you think im silly?
well im not,  its my mechinism.
i was diognosed with an illness...so thank you very much 'gypsy'  .

im sorry if im harsh...i love ALL PEOPLE FOR ALL GENERATIONS :D peacee :):)

 and long live prince harry ,,,, isn the the delishest?
Hi michael

err i dont know what to say tbh ... i apologise .....

i also like jackie chan ....and arnold schrwazeneggger ...

big muscles .....

and yes prince harry is the delishest :)
hi boone> how is that pronounced btw?

its ok . peace :)

ooh agreed. although i am a man.....

he is...just as nice as prince wales:)
and sian lewis :)
hi im gemima and i like eating clovers because they help me digest food, also im a serious jackie chan fan.  
(peace to the world, and dont kill clovers they deserve to live a fullfilling life before i come and find them .. mahahaaa :P )
love gemima.
AstralQueen6 years ago
I FOUND ONE! I FOUND ONE! I was mowing the lawn and there was this area which I couldn't push the mower through. I saw some clover patches there and I remembered this instructable so I decided to have a look and THERE IT WAS! Oh man I'm so stoked. :D Not that I believe that it has good luck or magic but HOLY COW I found one!!!
I'm pretty sure these things do not bring luck. After mowing the lawn with an old 3 tonne piece of ancient machinery, I feel like my arms are about to fall off. But I DID find a four leaf clover. :D Awesome.
crankflip7 years ago
I just found a 6! it was basicly a four with two small leaves sticking out the top. I've never found a 5
My 6-leaf's leaves are all equal.
rsnow1138 years ago
when i was growing up, we used walk down to the lake to swim every day. and on our way, there was this one hill that was filled with clover, so i would always stop and look...i must have been a lucky child, because i used to find everything from 4 leaves all the way up to 13! :)
13 leaves? I'm jealous... |=(
57cadillac6 years ago
i tried looking for four leaf clovers near the nuclear plant, but didnt find any :'(
57cadillac6 years ago
Yay! I found my 40th clover! I was just walking with my friends on the sidewalk, and I looked on the ground and found it! Well, it was kind of conspicous, all by itself...
57cadillac6 years ago
I have found a REAL one leaf clover. there were no other leaves that grew out, just that one leaf.
Machino216 years ago
This is a very interesting website. Both my wife and I have "the gift" and have since we were childeren. From what I understand my great grandmother was able to find 4 leaf clovers as well. I have the same experience as many as the others have shared ... I will just be walking, look down and see one right there, it blows peoples minds. I found at least 2 dozen this week alone. My wife and I will have a contest to see who can find the most while we are on a walk. I do wonder why some people can find them so easially. I stopped saving clovers years ago, but I really like the frame display of them, I may have to start keeping them again. Thanks for the website and GOOD LUCK! Dean
Yeah, my friend and I were just standing on the sidewalk, and I looked down on the ground and found one.
57cadillac6 years ago
I'm ADDICTED to clover hunting. That's what I've been spending all my time on in school last year! Oh well, I'm ACTUALLY GOING RIGHT NOW to my farm on the hill to pick more four and five leaf clovers. Bye!
57cadillac6 years ago
All my friends say I'm the best clover finder. I have almost 30. Something in our schoolyard makes the clovers mutate. Nearby, there is a tree where picked up a four leaf clover where the fourth leaf splits into another leaf with a vein under it. My friend and I also picked up a giant four and five leaf clover from there.
Today I found more clovers! I guess the first one brings luck to find more because in a matter of 15 minutes, i found 6 or 7 four leaf clovers and even a 5 leaf clover!
imagine a spade leafed clover with 4 leaves!
Beautiful Collection!! I had found a couple of 4 leaf I tried to put in a mix they use to put on tables a clear mix they put coins & photos on a table then they put this resin over it to protect !! But it was a huge mess.. But your collections looks super the color is still there really nice!
poseurlol6 years ago
Great article and pics! I have this "gift" as well, and I've found several fives and a few sixes. But a cool find of mine -- http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/829/2000seven.jpg -- is a conjoined three- and four-leaf clover, as far as I know, unless it's just a similar-looking plant.
I have seen a similar plant where there was a big patch of them with 6 7 or 8 leaves on them.
Wareagle6 years ago
anyone ever found one of these? btw there are 18 which is the world record/

AstralQueen6 years ago
Right. I'm going to be in the garden alot after this...
While checking my garden this evening I picked 121 four leaf clover.
thats kind of hard to believe...
luky jon6 years ago
I fond 3 of the 4 leaf on June 7, 2009. full moon Maybe 2 kinds of 4 leafer is good. I don't pick the 5,6,7 ones! my mom only fond one in her life time. what that magic the gathering, a card game? I have plans to add all I can to eat them or just keep them in a cup of water. I have the right to dream, from dreams comes plans, from plans comes real!
i found like 8 4 leafs in and hour i think the other 79,992 clovers are in my neighbors yard
my yard is basicly all clover
my 7 leaf cant be pressed and let you se all the leaves
I've found about 20 4s and two 5s in a very small back yard. The clustering is certainly true, they've all been in around 5 sq ft of clover (the rest seem all 3s) and there are a lot of mutant "other" clover, like stems with several 3s growing, some with two flowers, etc. The three patches that contain them deliver them a lot though. I'm not enough of a gardener to breed, but I try to guard the spots they grow in.
Derin6 years ago
I make my own :) Just get a fat 3 leaf,trim 2 leaflets to half-width and split the remaining one in two,without separating the halves.
lavonnemw6 years ago
I found 62 four-leaf clovers yesterday in my yard. I try to rescue them before my husband mows them down. Today I found 5 5-leaf clovers, 1 6-leaf, and 1 7- leaf. In all my years of clover finding, I didn't know a 7 leaf existed! I love them. I don't think they are lucky, I think the searcher of them is patient, considers looking for them a sort of peaceful therapy, and I think God just throws them randomly around to make us happy, and to remind us that even though we are in the middle of a bunch of people, He makes us special and unique in the midst of it all. A pic of my latest pick. God Bless!
clovers.jpgclovers 2.jpg
Is there a certain type of fertilizer of anything you use on your lawn? The college I went to used something (never did find out what it was) and this led me to believe that the fertilizer was the key. It was highly uncommon to be able to NOT find a 4 leaf clover in the places they used that chemical fertilizer. It was not hard to find 5 leaf clovers either. In fact, we started leaving the 4's as "common" and only started keeping the 5's and up. We found a couple of 6's.
The best of the ones we found were a perfectly formed, large leafed 5, the same with a 6, a 5 leaf with heart shaped leaves (certain patches grew heart shaped leaves - no idea why except maybe, again, the fertilizer), and then I found a 7. The 7 had 4 nicely shaped "outer" leaves with 3 smaller ones emerging from the point where the 4 outer leaves were joined. We never really had a lot of time to devote to finding these, it was just we would see them as we walked by (of course we were looking for them in this way). I have to wonder what we passed up!

Later in life my dog found them and ate them all :(

lbrewer426 years ago
I was once told by a friend that 4 leaf clovers always show up in pairs. I have found this to be the case with 4 and 5 leaf clovers.
Just this morning I put my dog on her chain, and as I leaned over, I saw a 5 leaf clover. I immediately set to finding its "twin" as I knew there had to be one. The entire small patch of clover (2 feet by 1.5 feet) had two 5-leaf clovers and two 4 leaf clovers.

So if you find one - look for its "twin" near the same place. I have done this for years.

I have yet to see this twin idea fail. Once I even found the first one and then, thought the twin idea might not work in this case since it was not easy to find the missing "twin." I kept at it and eventually did find the twin - one of the leaves was missing (bugs had lunch) - but the 4th leaf's stem was there!

RHIAX6 years ago
There is a small patch of Clovers down the road from me, There is a cluster of 3,4,5,6,7 and i'm sure 8 leafed clovers?? Strange!!
PeaceRabit6 years ago
wow, the clover with the largest amount of leaves I have ever found was 5....
peguiono6 years ago
yipee! just found a six leaf in my yard today :] I also found a wierd 4 leaf it was like 2 normal leafs then there was a little branch coming off that had two leafs on it
Irisdiopter6 years ago
I have this weird gift too, as well as all my family on my mother's side. I have shelves of books filled with these little wonders of nature. Maybe one day I'll shake out all my books and put them on display like you've so wonderfully shown!
zascecs6 years ago
All i ever find are 3 and 4 leaf clovers. although i have found a mutanted clover with one gargantuan leaf and the others all tiny.
zascecs6 years ago
Really? That's pretty cool. Imagine a 100 leafed clover...
jauncourt6 years ago
Yay for Free Fun! I've added this to the Green Kids group because free fun in the outdoors is about as green as you can get.
You should add a disclaimer* that 4 leaf clovers bring no more luck than any other clover. Yes, they are more rare, but rarity does not denote or produce luck!

I am glad, however, that you explained the scientific reason for the existence of 4 leaf clovers. Too many think there's something magical about them. They're just mutants, as you said.

So people, feel free to look for these aberrations, but do not expect your luck to increase upon finding one! If you do find one and something lucky happens, you should know that it is just pure coincidence.

Also, don't cheat and add the remaining leaf of a plucked clover to a 3 leafed clover. I've seen this done, and while it will fool someone for a bit, it is disingenuous.

Have fun with your clovers (which, by the way, are edible).

*I know I've done this for you, but disclaimers are generally the responsibility of the original poster.
edible you say? do they taste any good? are you lucky for life if you eat a four leaf clover? or at least lucky till you take a dump?
High five.

Nice and scientific, just the way I like it.

Any idea what clovers taste of?
I'm tempted to try one but rather put off by the thought that the neighbor's cat has probably used my garden as a toilet.
they taste a bit lemony...
i found some clovers in my back yard and they taste a little bit like green leaves but they are more juicier and sweeter.
Have you ever had clover honey? Like that, only salady-er.
Yumm. I tried some out of my window box [: They're surprisingly tasty, I've been putting them into pasta sauces, I might even make an instructable on one at some point.
I really don't think a disclaimer is necessary. The only people who believe that four leaf clovers are magical are most likely younger children. Four leaf clovers are just fun to look for, I know I spent many hours last spring trying to find them.
Disclaimers protect the innocent. And yes, the ignorant. But these people have the right to know the truth, too.
I think you are ALL wrong. Four leaf clovers possess the protection of all the Gods. The "mutation" as you all so dryly describe it, is actually the symbol of balance and it is what imbues the gift of flight on all the finders. I hate to say it in such a rude manner, but I think all this talk about disbelief and disclaimers sprouts from the greenest of jealousies. Good day.
to everyone out there, before it starts, can we not get into an argument about religion? I'm not saying that hailtothkngbby's comment is in-valid , it is just as valid as everyone elses. I would just hate to see an argument over religion because it is non-productive and doesn't solve anything.
I in no way meant to spark a religious discussion. I was only attempting to score a cheap laugh. I just made that crap up. However, if noone had started a religious argument in a year and three months, I think I'm safe. The statute of limitations on a tongue in cheek remark is only a year. Sorry to offend.
Isn't there one in almost every single instructable?
I dont rlly believe in luck, but St. Patrick used a 3-Leaf clover to show the trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit/Ghost. My point its, clovers dont mean wnything except what you WANT them to mean. (wow, that osunded really preachy) xD
mmm, clovers... *dazed look, drools*
So your saying four leaves are more rare than 5+
banknut8 years ago
i have found a real 2 leaf clover. it wasnt one with just one leaf pulled off. it was real. i also have found at least 100 4 leaf clovers 3 5 leafers and one 6 leafer.
Wario banknut8 years ago
Sweet, i found two 4 leaf, one 6 leaf, and 0ne 7 leaf.
ive found five 2 leafers, four 5 leafers, and one 1 leafer
i found a 3 leafer
lil jon1686 years ago
i found 6 in 1 day
goatgirly6 years ago
that collection is impressive. My friend finds them like crazy. so does my grandma. I rarely find them but, I'm Waaay luckier than my grandma. All her friends are dying. Kinda feel bad. Oh well!
brandonssk6 years ago
AgggggHHHH!! I just went out looking, I have been looking for weeks! and I just came across this one Clover patch that Had Over Twenty 4 Leaf clovers Uncountable 3.5 and one I cant really put a number to bcus It had one full leaf and two leaves that were spliting into seperate leaves and like 5 five leaved clovers! WoW I feel like a cheater,lol Wow, what a day.
Mr. Brownie6 years ago
Noodle god6 years ago
I havn't even found ONE.
Allowance106 years ago
Cool I just found a rare 3 leaf!!!!!!!!!!
Deadx1236 years ago
i have a giant patch outside in my back yard- found none oh well keep looking =]
cornflaker6 years ago
I found a five leaf one once for real lol
Wafflicious6 years ago
im only about 13 so I've only ever found about 8-10 and the highest being a 7
zimmemic256 years ago
can i put (living) mutated plants into a small garden and the seeds will be mutated (4/5/6/7/colored) too? if yes, will it be the same type of mutation? can i make "new" mutations?
gotchnj6 years ago
I've plucked about 300 fours and about 20 fiver's since spring. I find them without much effort. I found 4 sixer's lifetime. Most recent was today! The picture is from the foot of the George Washington Bridge in NYC.
The luck in bred four leaf clovers is only marginally effective?
whyme6 years ago
All I have is 4 leaf clovers here about 6-8" tall and the leaves are about 1". When I was a kid I started looking for some and noticed that they all were 4 leaf so I quit looking.
716 years ago
Please believe me when I say this. Between me and my friend , R.K., we have located and merely gave away at least 130. 71 of those are mine.
hammer98766 years ago
I found my one and only four-leaf clover the week after I got married. I sealed it by putting it between two pieces of wax paper and ironed around the edges. Then I stuck it in my wedding album. Thirty one years ago! I thought four-leaf clovers were hard to find. I figured I found my one-in-a-life-time four-leaf clover and quit looking. Mistake!
PKTraceur7 years ago
A question, and something to share for everyone. Iwas looking in my yard and found a clover patch..... Looking down to it in a standing position, i noticed they hade a strange teal colour. now on my hands and knees, i inspected closer.... the tops of their leave were facing the sun.Well, off to find some mutants! -RA
PKTraceur7 years ago
I have many Splovers, (spade clovers, as you say,) with that slight discoloration, (light teal-green sort of?) in my yard. at least 10,000's.
Very cool hobby! 5/5
Roxner7 years ago
neat last pic there. ive done pretty much the same one week the summer like 2 years ago.. i think i found 50-60 4-leaf clovers on a 5x5 patch of grass.. that was awsome
lbrewer427 years ago
For some reason it also seems that 4 leaf clovers are always found in pairs. When you find one, look carefully b/c close to it I always find another. A 7 leaf I once found had 3 smaller leaves - growing together with a single spine - that "sprouted" from the place where the 4, larger, outside leaves all joined at the main stem. I also have found 4 and 5's with heart shaped leaves - amidst "regular" clover.
TheChemist7 years ago
Adorable. Never found a four leaf clover before, but I'm inspired. -Gracie California
crankflip7 years ago
i've found a 2 leaf, i had to look at it VERY closely to tell my chickens didn't just eat the third one. It was in a patch of 4 leaves I found(and transplanted to my garden). And s-mac, if you prove that you would probably hold the world record for at least 5 years :-P
Tidnull7 years ago
You can eat clover if you have to! Not sure what the nutrition facts are, but they have a strong citrus flavor. Dandelions are also good to eat.
eaten both, dad has made wine from both in his past, lotsa people do.
wine? interesting! do you mean he made tinctures out of them or fermented juice?
I think he mixed the juices of dandy and grape, or just dandy. Plain ol' dandy was fermented juice diluted with water, i think
crankflip7 years ago
Recently, I went to a park/zoo and found a whole area of 4 leaf clovers. My sister saw a few 5s and said nothing >8-( I found a 4.5 kinda like step 6. it turned out that the whole area was surface mined and replaced, and I haven't found many near my home, maybe not enough pollution?
junior77 years ago
4 leaf clovers are more easily found in big cities because of the polution causing the mutation. Last year all I found was one 5 leaf after hours of searching. I live in a town of 426 people in northern wisconsin . I have found many this year though and a real two leaf clover. I think I may have lost that one though.
DWRead7 years ago
I had a classmate who said her father grew four-leaf clovers. He had found one growing wild and instead of picking it, dug it up with roots and transplanted it to his garden. She claims that every clover he grew from was a four-leafer, but that was back in junior high school and kids exaggerate a lot.
thats not exactly clover with that flavor, there are these little plants that look like claver but they are smaller and lighter green with heart shaped leaves.
porkhead7 years ago
Wow. I would dig to see that poster in real life. Wish us all luck in your prayers tonite dude. I wish you good health !
~BenDover~7 years ago
I found a clover patch near my house with 5% of all clovers being mutated. I found alot of clovers ranging from 5-8 leafs! I also found putting the 4-leafers in between some wax paper an putting it in a phone book. About 3 months ago I I found a book with some leafs and 4-leaf clovers from when I was 4 years old!
I went searching a couple of days ago and found a whole bunch of them in a relatively short amount of time. Five-leaf clovers weren't uncommon, but I managed to find one with six. I used to look for them in the school fields, but I was in the park this time. Being a mutation, I wonder if that says anything about our "natural greenspace." I'm trying to find a way to encase them in their own transparent square, similar to a slide for a microscope, so the clovers can be viewed both front and back. I used transparencies, but I'm not sure how I can glue them together and still maintain a high quality. Of course, I've tried all sorts of glues and a lacquer spray, but nail polish seems to be the best adhesive at the moment, Any suggestions? Thanks! Great instructable!
I believe the mutation is from mowing. That is why school yards are great places for finding them. That at least what I was told.
Maybe, but I rarely mow my yard and two-leafs are a perennial occurrence for me. Maybe repeated mowing stimulates extra leaves, though. This bears testing....
cold press laminate would work well, just be careful in your original setting of the clover.
I use clear tape, which works very well,
Right on top of it? I've done that before and it does work fine, but how about on both sides? Wouldn't it be flimsy and difficult to get the air bubbles out or tape it so that the tape is perfectly aligned on top of itself?
Thanks for the suggestion =]
I used to make bookmarks out of them when I was a kid. You just "laminate" the clover to a notecard. It's nice if you're superstitious and want to carry them around your wallet too. I wish I knew what I did with all those bookmarks!
Rishnai7 years ago
Two leaf clovers grow in my backyard with suprising regularity. I've never found a four-leaf in the clover patch, but you find a two-leafer or one with a severely stunted third leaf at a rate of about one per square foot.
Flumpkins7 years ago
Rofl... Some things you found are unbelievable, even if you didnt find it, those stuff is amazing!!!
Galilxg37 years ago
giannyl7 years ago
Recently, I was at a soccer game and I looked at the ground at a patch of clovers and dug it up using my phalanges. Well....Long story short, I found a 5 leaf clover accidentally and now I'm obsessed with them! I got 30 in one day, all 4 and 5 leaf and I used packaging tape to sort of laminate them. I'm genetically engineering my own now too! Like he said, it's not too hard to find them....Just go find a patch and there will usually be one or two!!! WEEEEEE!
Sandisk1duo7 years ago
wow, you had a period of being the one with no life
McTurtle8 years ago
Great site! I've had "the gift" since I was about eleven, and have experimented with a number of preservation techniques. The first one, pressing them between two pieces of Saran Wrap, didn't work too well... Anyway, I like your pressing device and *love* your poster! Maybe if I ever have a garage I'll build one of my own... Also, I'm jealous of your ten-leaf find -- my highest ever is eight. In my experience, people with this hobby are rarer than the clovers by a long shot, so it's nice to run across someone else who's seen some of the things I've seen. :) (I just observed my first spade-leafs this season and my husband and I were gawking over them, too.)
They don't stay green do they?
i press them under a big stack of books for a week or two then wrap them in tape. im thought i was good at finding clovers (ive found maybe 15-20 in a year) but you guys are awesome. there used to be a patch half a block up from my house that i found 10 in in maybe half hour. i tried to plant them and breed 4 leaf clovers....
put it in some wax paper to keep it green
put them in the white pages of a phone book for about a week, drys and presses very well.
duck-lemon7 years ago
i know how to make up to ~~infinite~~ lots of leaf clovers in an awesome way but i think itt'l need an instructable for it.
I spent like hours trying to find clovers, but I couldn't find any. Then, when I was 12, I finally found one by accident!
I have been an avid finder since I was a kid, I always give them away. I love to find them, press them in between 2pcs of heavy clear shipping tape right after I pick them. If they start to wilt, put the stems in water, like a flower and then press when they perk up. I have been known too find hand fulls in a matter of minutes. The most fun is to GIVE THEM AWAY, amazing how many people have never even found one. I would have to guess that I have found several hundereds in the last 35 years, my grandmother had the knack for arrowheads; mine just happens to be 4 leaf clovers. I look NO matter where I am, my children know when we see a clover patch its time to take a break and wait. Funny to see how catching it is too look; while in a group of people. Happy Finding!
4leafclover 003.jpg4leafclover 006.jpg4leafclover 005.jpg
You sure do know your clovers, great instructable.
Dim-17 years ago
GREAT INSTRUCTABLE!!!! You are now officially "really cool", in my book.
gswallow7 years ago
Good Instructable. Have found over 350 fours in my life time. Guy asked me once how I did it. He said he looked and looked but, found nothing. I said stop looking and listen... the next day he came to shown me two he "heard." You should also share how St. Patrick used the clovers to explain the Christian trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. With a three St. Paddy would show how the three are one. With so many fours, you could explained how that forth leaf is you... If you believe.
austinblan7 years ago
it sounds like these clovers are very seceptible to alteration by genetic and enviromental factors. They cold be used in medicine to classify the genetic ricks of biotic and abiotic pharmaceuticals.
Kaiven7 years ago
clover  2 leaves.jpg
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bduffman7 years ago
well bet u dont have a 7 leaf clover like fry did o yea this is the worst write up its like saying u could find a dollar if u walk the streets for few hours every day
Actually i found a 7 leaf clover before, but i am extremely lucky. One month i found 119 4-leaf clovers.(i counted)
CuriosLB7 years ago
How can you find four leaf clovers?
lol, isnt that wat this instructable was about?
tanee37 years ago
This makes alot of sense! Cant wait to try it, too bad we dont get clovers here til mid april
TIff_18218 years ago
I find them all the time this one patch in my yard was filled (I mean tons we found like 20 5 leaves and maybe 15 4 leaves) with 4 and 5 leaf clovers which were really cool since I had never found a 5 leaf before they seem to stay in a specific spot.
Hi, I am looking to find some of these awesome oddity's could any of you help me?
i'm blessed with the ability to find 4 leaf clovers when i'm not even looking, too! i just walk by, glance down, and there it is! i press them and give them to family and friends to carry in their purses/wallets for luck.
kellimaier7 years ago
What a great activity to do with my girls this summer! I am really impressed at your knowledge of clover.
smeeves7 years ago
I've found maybe 10 four leaf clovers, the first in grade 8. there was a nice patch near my friends house that we found 20+ between the two of us, but then the neighbours mowed it. the highest I've found was a 5. i store them by pressing them for 1-2 weeks in a big pile of books and then covering them with scotch tape. then i can do whatever i want with them :) i remeber i once tried to breed my own 4 leaf patch by picking the entire root out of the ground and planting it but the four leafs just died and 3 leafs grew.
I found a 4 leaf clover when I was around 7, and I still have it. But anyway you just inspired me to go out and find 4+ clovers. Great Inscrutable.
Lol, my grandma always takes her 4 leaf clover that's laminated with her when she goes gambling....
xiks7 years ago
kzaaaaa7 years ago
I once found a field full of only 4 leaf clovers
really? wow
zentao7 years ago
I did find a two leaf, but i left it where it was. Didnt know if it was very special or not.
zeda.beta7 years ago
i found one 13 leaf clover and yes, a two leaf clover when we went to florida! wooooooohoooooooooooo!
big-jamie7 years ago
man, that is awesome, i never knew there was like....so much science / awesomness behind finding what most call a weed, in my 6th year of primary, i was sitting outside, nice sunny day, on the grass, i reached down beside me, and grabbed a handfull of grass, and wat d yah know ? i found a 4-leaf clover, and to this day, its still stuck to my wall with blue-tac sealed between 2 layers of sellotape, i was well chuffed _
Seiko1257 years ago
Yo Mad Hatter...Congrats that you've been living in Colorado your whole life, seriously, but ski diving is an extreme, "sky" diving, sport in which one straps skis to their feet while jumping out of a plane. They try to steer their parachute towards a mountain, or hill, to ski. The parachute snaps off for maximum speed. This sport is done by a few people who sky dive with almost everything, cars, tables, couches, etc. Ski diving is a more rare form of this extreme sport. I never heard of ski diving in Colorado though, maybe there is...who knows...
kirnex7 years ago
This instructable actually illustrates a phenomenon of sensation. Interestingly, it helps to train, or improve, right-brain function. Just as humans are naturally prone to finding "faces" in everyday patterns, we can also train ourselves to find shifts in patterns or variances of redundant patterns, and finding 4-leaf clovers is a perfect example. I'm left-handed (i.e. right-brain dominant--thus, having an optimized sense of spacial reasoning) and, even as a child, always wondered why I could glance down at the grass and see several four-leaf clovers without even trying. Once you know the psychomechanics behind it, you can actually train yourself to look for any variance in any pattern. Practical application of such phenomenon depends on your interests, I guess?
who knew there was so much science behind finding clovers! (actually my sister would, she wants to be a school psychologist....)
Ahhhh...my field, as well (well, not the "school" part--I'm too afraid of discovering how many of today's kids are really on the verge of commiting mass-homicide.) What I find interesting is how many people have developed the skills without really understanding the science behind it. The usage variance of such skills is profound. Even those guys in Vegas who watch gamblers on security cameras to see who's grifting are demonstrating an enhanced use of this skill (it gets much trickier, obviously, when you are seeking variances in typical movement in a population where habituated movements do not necessarily generalize). I guess we all know who the "real geek" is now. ;-P
I used to fossil hunt which is exactly the same thing as this. I enjoyed looking over a rock pile or gravel driveway and spotting patterns of circles or lines on the rock that were the tell-tale markings of a fossil. My "10-leaf clover" was an inch long trilobite I found on my elementary-school playground. It was almost perfectly preserved and unlike the ones you see in stores and most museums, it was not embedded in stone but looked as if it simply curled up and turned to rock. I never made the connection between left/right brain and pattern recognition. Now that you mention it, it kind of makes sense. My mom's an art teacher so I've heard a lot about the separate functions of the two sides of the brain and how the dominance of one over the other affects people. Although I've been trying to learn to use my left hand, I am naturally right-handed so my left-brain (typically the analytical side) is dominant. Here's the interesting thing, though; I can paint and draw (once did a reproduction of Mona Lisa), I'm a computer programmer, I hate math and physics, I enjoy fossil hunting i.e. pattern recognition. I am apparently an example of the fact that the left hemisphere of the brain is not always analytical, and the right hemisphere, creative. There are some cases where the right side is analytical and the left, creative. There's also the possibility that I'm ambidextrous but have never developed that ability through usage. By the way, FS, I never knew how easy it was to find 4+ leaf clovers. I'd say my fossil hunting experience pre-qualifies me for success in the search of mutant clovers. Thanks for the instructable.
Actually, the right brain is both analytical and creative (in the sense of sensory-pattern recognition, that is--recognition of pattern in sounds, visual cues, etc.). It is also the side responsible for complex cognitive function, which obviously is involved in math, science, etc. The left brain is the side responsible for semantic recognition, language development, emotional reasoning, etc. This is true for 95% of the human population. It explains, frankly, why women tend to be more emotionally and verbally developed at an earlier age versus men.

I am assuming, based on what little info you've divulged, that you are male. If that's so, you are actually what is known as "bilaterally optimized", rather than unilaterally dominant in either hemisphere. Males are naturally right-brain in their development, and females naturally develop their left-brain moreso than their right. In true Darwin-form, the argument to support the science behind this is that women have evolved to optimize the side of their brain which best promotes the skills needed to rear children (which is apparently also why women's corpus callosums are thicker than males), while men's brains have evolved to enhance those attributes which promote the ability to provide for their families (hunting, etc.). Our brains, as you can imagine, cannot evolve as quickly as our social lifestyles have, obviously.

Therefore, right-handed males (90% of the male population) are bilaterally dominant, as are left-handed females (5%). Right handed females are generally left-brain dominant, and left-handed males generally right-brain dominant. This could take us into a number of digressions centered around our society's ignorance on the development of the brain as it relates to handedness, as well as our educational system's inability to recognize and address how handedness affects children's learning processes.

Suffice it to say, everyone would sincerely benefit from educating themselves on these matters! As a parent with a son who is left-handed, I've seen first-hand how it can affect learning and how often it is "misdiagnosed" as a learning disability--which, as many of us know, is often the kiss of death for children's confidence once they get labeled as so "different" from others. Early on, my son's teacher, who was wholly ignorant of handedness and its affects on learning, tried to have my son assessed for learning disabilities because, as she said, "He seems to speak in tongues sometimes). What was happening was, as a 6-year old, when he got tired in class, his speech would regress and he would have difficulty speaking (sort of a word-salad, as it's called). This is completely common in left-handed boys. Luckily, I knew what caused it and went on a campaign to "educate the educators". He is now in 6th grade and has since been identified as "highly gifted". I suspect, if they'd actually slapped a label of "learning disabled" on him back then, he'd never have subsequently received the testing to recognize his gifts.

Sorry for the long post--but maybe this info will help someone else. I've met many parents of left-handed boys who've not been as lucky as we have, because they didn't know this stuff.
adamcaskey7 years ago
Did you make that statistic up? nice Instructable! thanks
Ora7 years ago
Hurrah!!! I just found one in my back yard!
F-177 years ago
today i've found a five leaf clover and one of the clover is an atached glove
nice! over the summer, in the first 5 days i found 4 4 leafs, and 1 5 leaf... but then i stopped looking
mossDboss7 years ago
Thanks for putting this up. I am the same. I just don't find 1 four leaf clover, I find 10 at time. In my whole life I have found over 150 4leaf clover. Right I have 20 sitting on a shelf along with a few 5 and 7 leaf clovers. Its nice to know someone else has the same uncanny ability. Whats funny is once I found about 20 during a lunch break, I went back to work and showed them to someone who said they had paid $50 bucks for one a year ago. Its crazy that some people have never found one before.
deansep8 years ago
Do you like study those or somethhing since you use all of those weird terms?
Its Latin
they are still weird terms lol - the average American doesn't know much Latin.....
my friend is studding to be a taxonomist (i think thats how its spelled), they classify animals using latin names (not to be confused with Taxidermy which is basicly stuffing a dead animal to preserve it)
Whiternoise8 years ago
My preservation method is: Get the clover Dry using your preferred method Get some sticky back plastic (stuff used in schools to cover exercise books) Stick the clover leaves first onto it Put a bit of card/paper on top of that Stick another bit of plastic over the top (so there's a 5mm margin around the paper) Cover with greasproof paper (so the plastic doesn't melt anywhere) Iron on a high setting The plastic should melt over the clover without damaging it and it'll be airtight sealed! HTH :)
actually it would be better to do it before drying - if something is airtight, it never rots. (if you don't believe me, then you can look it up if you like)
sweet I dident know there was a clover with more than four leaves
phaserothe8 years ago
Four-plus leaved clovers are a result of a genetic mutation, and more often than not are found in clusters. I can look all over most of a lawn and not find any, but then turn around and find 20+ five leaf clovers and only four leaved clovers in one small spot. They often return year after year.
Seiko1258 years ago
How much time do you have, I mean why would you look for four leaf clovers for fun. Do something awesome like drag race... or go to Colorado or ski dive or... go to a really expensive college.
One question. I've lived in Colorado all my life what's ski diving?
i was playin Frisbee golf with a friend in my closest park and i found a pattern in the clovers then i found a patch that was out of place and I just looked at the edge and there was a 4 leaf!!! then i looked around and i found a 12 LEAF!!! it was just awesome!!!
danderlyon8 years ago
I find those ALL the time!!
people ask me if I'm really a "lucky" person...
I'm not, I just have a good eye for them~
zombiwoman8 years ago
I am so thrilled to find others who have this knack. I always tried to explain it as being seeing a change in the *pattern* rather than *looking for* - but few understand! My best at one sitting was 42 - tho some were more than 4s! Weirdest was from horseback - just looked down and there it was right next to the horse's left forefoot - even with direction and much pointing, my riding instructor could not see it!
I once posted my own technique for finding 4-leaf clover (another site) and someone actually quoted the statistics for me and basically didn't believe that it was or is possible to find four-leaf clovers rather easily. Glad someone else out in the wide world knows the statistics don't mean a thing when reality steps in. Most I found in one sitting was ten 4 leaf and three 5 leafers (I personally haven't ever discovered any clover over 5 leaves). I also use a different technique for preserving that has seemed to work for me. I put the leaf between two sheets of waxed paper and iron it on a heat-setting high enough to fuse the wax sheets together but low enough not to scorch the clover. I should probably use the flower press though since I have one.
lavajin8 years ago
This is awesome! I find them all the time. I will just be standing there, look down, and there's a 4 leaf clover. You've inspired me to start saving them to make a poster like yours! :]
Chanmachine8 years ago
wow that's a really cool poster. tho i'm thinking that you have way too much time on your hands. lol
nobody6.18 years ago
Yeah, the shamrock is a plant in and of itself.
Here's the wikipedia entry on it.


The Shamrock is Trifolium dubium, wheras normal clover is Trifolium repens. Same genus, different species.

Falaco Soliton (author)  nobody6.18 years ago
yea i haven't been able to pin this down. the wiki page on "Shamrock" says its Trifolium dubium and (i quote) "sometimes (rarely nowadays) Trifolium repens (white clover, known in Irish as seamair bhán)".

I don't know what is implied by "rarely nowadays" but thats wiki for you.

heres the page
Well, Clover itself is basically an entire genus (Trifolium), dubium designates the actual shamrock, and repens is the kind of clover that you are writing about. Technically shamrock is a type of clover, but it's not the same as the clover in your instrucatable. Trifolium dubium (shamrock) has much larger leaves than Trifolium repens (common clover), and is much less common in the States. Hope I helped.
applecity8 years ago

I too, find lots, and not knowing what to do with them I bought a small laminator, and now after they dry I laminate them on a business self made card and give to students or friends as a do not forget me card. If I am traveling I change the card to give my name and address. For some reason those who can't find them think this is a great gift.
schimmi8 years ago
there are some clover 'gardens' that are just mutant gardens and only have 4-leaf and higher clovers, so thats a place where the statistics are wrong.
"A collector never stops collecting, Eric."
lessgravity8 years ago
I'm also blessed with the ability to find the 4 leaf variety. I estimate in the last 3 months I have found nearly 200. I usually give them away. I usually find them within 5 minutes or less of looking. This years finds include 5,6,7 leaf . It helps that most of my front yard is covered in clover.
i've only found two in my life, but it was cool. also, please post the picture(s) of the ten leaf clover if you have any
Falaco Soliton (author)  pppoootttzzz8 years ago
the "ten" leaf clover is posted on step 6. I say "ten" because after being pressed, you can only see 9 leaflets. Bummer
Skittle8 years ago
Shamrock is a different species. You know that whole St Patrick explaining the trinity thing? He used a shamrock; a three-leafed plant a bit like clover, but not. You might want to change that. On another note, I wish I could find the 4-leaf-clover I found and pressed many moons ago; it was pretty perfect, if I recall.
Falaco Soliton (author)  Skittle8 years ago
good point. A shamrock isn't necessarily a different species (it can be from any variety of clover, incuding the white clover) but is in reference to the 3-leafed variety. good catch! my irish grandmother would be ashamed at my ignorance
GoodAtIt8 years ago
Holy cr*p! I wish I had your mad searching skillz!
ROCKETMAN8 years ago
Somebody could get very "lucky" at craft shows and swap meets if they sucessfully cultivate a few naturaly occuring mutant clover plants. Though money doesn't make the world go 'round it can make the ride smoother.
jeff8 years ago
With reference to the third image of step 6 - The seasonally associated red color in leaves of deciduous plants isn't from a lack of a particular sugar - it typically happens when chlorophyll is selectively draw back into the plant (it's too valuable a molecule for the plants to lose it all each winter). The red and yellow color is from compounds that have been there all along, but were 'masked' by the green chlorophyll. When you see red markings like this on an annual like clover, it's often an indication of viral disease that has selectively destroyed the chlorophyll in that part of the leaf. (btw the bug damage i mentioned in the comment below refers to the 4th image of step 6).
Falaco Soliton (author)  jeff8 years ago
Ah, if it isn't the ghost of high school biology, come back to haunt me! thanks for the correction jeff, my apologies for the inaccuracy
you're just too sweet...
aww too cool. and great photos too. I'll use this trick next time I'm babysitting kids.
Thank you for the instructable! I've always wondered about this. Lovely display you created with your findings, I feel like doing something like that for my livingroom. :)
roosta8 years ago
you have waayyyy to much time mate. finding them is one thing, but pressing and mounting them!?!
Why WOULDN'T you press and mount them? Just like collecting stamps, it's a hobby/passion. Thanks for sharing Falaco.
i just find it strnage some people have this much time!! lol. i struggle to find time to do anything... let alone something as time consuming as this.
what the hell are you talking about if your on a online comunity then you have a hell of a lot of spare time!!!(no offense)
ok, lemme change it to "patience" lol
Haha, too right! Good lateral thinking.
thankyou. But hey have fun live life and get your kicks how you can.
jak068 years ago
You can buy 4-7 leave clover plants for a few $ They last the winter and some are purple.
chrissy8 years ago
Actually 4-leaf clovers aren't Shamrocks, Shamrocks have 3 leaves.
Steeler8 years ago
Wow i thought a 4 leaf clover was just a falacy,off to the park i go
Woah, I like the mounted clovers, it looks fantastic. Haha, maybe one day... I remember being good at finding four leafed clovers when I was a child. But I haven't seen a patch in a while. I know there's this company in Japan I think that makes necklaces where the pendants are pressed four leaf clovers in glass. They were quite popular in Hong Kong at some point. And very cute.
raggyrat8 years ago
i found one once when i was pregnant ... lost it when it fell out of a book moving house ... still, the baby was fine, the marriage was doombed tho! lovely mounted piece xxx
stephenvbc8 years ago
finding clovers(trifolium) is a test of vision..I found my first one in 1975 when I had a flat tire on my 5 speed. Since then I have found thousands .I also press them have eaten them(no more than 3-you get too full) have put them in art, made art with and about them.given thousands away, grew them made little videos.have found one thru 11 leaves up to 14 exist in nature. shamrocks always have three leaves and is not a clover at all. thankyou for the wonderful peice on clovers.. but the best way to find them is to look ( and believe they exist) otherwise one will never see them at all,it is after all a test of vision isn't it...otherwise they must sing songs that only you can hearhappy clovers.
rt3tech8 years ago
Awesome! I have "good luck" finding the 4+ leafers myself (to my sister's consternation). Wasting time?! OMG, I'm spending hours building a Spitfire airplane from a bamboo place mat (future instructable). Mount them with extreme pride, my friend.
AsianF008 years ago
WOW... THATS ALOT OF CLOVERS... you should carry the mounted ones all the time LOL
octochan8 years ago
that's incredibly bizarre, I found three 4 leaf clovers in one patch just yesterday. I would have kept looking for more, but the bus came just then. I should go back there and see if there were others!
jeff8 years ago
Actually, that is bug damage. When the leaf bud is still "unfurled", something came along and took a bite out of the side of it. When the leaves separated and grew, that pattern appeared. Like a plant version of a fold-up paper snowflake. You see this on other plants with similar growing habits from time to time.
Bob7k jeff8 years ago
Yea, that makes sence, i thought it looked unplantlike. heh, biosnowflake cutup.
fleeby8 years ago
I think the mounted 4-leaf clover display is lovely! What a fun hobby. I have found many more 5+ leafed clovers that 4 leafed ones, no idea why. One little correction though, a shamrock is not a 4-leafed clover, but the commonn name for several species of the genus Oxalis -a completely unrelated plant. There, my inner botany nerd is satisfied.
Denial948 years ago
Yea i found one in my backyard. i shredded it up though in a shredder i made.
The best picture is the one of your framed clovers, it looks museum quality...I'm envious. :o
Four leaf clovers are unlucky! According to Riply's a guy bent down to pick a four leaf clover, plucked it, slipped, and fell off a high (don't remember how high, 1000 feet?) cliff. ouch.
thats not unlucky
thats stupid
who bends over next to a cliff edge!!!
i think whoever did that should be added to Darwin awards
loads of people, especially George Micheal!!
'sept he's not dead yet so he can't qualify
no but i was refering to some of the other things he gets up to bent over
I once found a few 4 leaf clovers. I dug them up (with the roots), planted them in my garden and I waited. I had something about 20 4 leaf clovers in my garden and I found a 5 leaf clover amongst them. Then they all died (don't know why, probably dehydration). The point is, I was only 8 years old when I did this so if I could do it when I was 8, how come the big companies are having a hard time breeding these?
Money makes the mare goes. Money blinds the eye. Thats why.
Some clover types have root bulbs. (noticed this when I bought a 4 leaf clover growing kit once). Maybe you just needed to dig up the bulbs or something.
SeaLion8 years ago
Whoa! You keep a framed collection!? That's amazing! Yea, I know what you mean by manufacturing 4 leaved clovers, I've seen them for sale for US$2 in Las Vegas last time I was there. I bet it doesn't have that 'magical' feeling to it, since it is not 'made' by one's luck. I once found one of those 4 leaved clovers but then, nothing seems to feel lucky nor unlucky...nothing feels different...
Legend8 years ago
My brother found a clump of 4-leafed clovers near a bench at a steam-engine fair. DOn't know where they went though, probably still in a book! If I ever go back I'll look to see if the patch is still there.
It's always so nice to see other people who are good at finding them =]

I've found lots over the years and I usually just give them away to people who claim that they 'couldn't be bothered' or 'don't care enough' to look for them, but are more than happy to own one anyways. Congrats on your huge collection! I love your guide, too!

I collect everything that has to do with four-leaf clovers. I have a few pendents where a real clover is encased in its transparent epoxy. My interest has been renewed and I'll definitely be on the lookout for more this summer! Thanks!
...I found one! Once...
jongscx8 years ago
...I "spilled" a bunch of gas and anti-freeze on a clover-patch in my backyard last year and it's unusually full of 4-7 leaf clovers... anyone else think there's a connection?
emilyfis8 years ago
I think the 'gift' might be inherited... my grandmother and I have boxes full of the four-leafs we've found. I also admit to pulling the 'extra' leaves from 5- and 6- leaf clovers to make them four. And that's just embarrassing.
gmoon8 years ago
My wife has this gift, also. On one walk, she found 3 or 4, all apparently without trying. I have never found one....
jvchamary8 years ago
Just a pedantic point from a biologist, but the first letter of the genus name should be in uppercase (i.e. Trifolium repens). Okay, off to find some 4-leaf clovers now!
Falaco Soliton (author)  jvchamary8 years ago
duly noted. thanks!
hey thats what my dad says every time you say something like i want an airsoft gun and you ask him a bunch of times he'll say duly noted you want an airsoft gun
Pretty solid. It's been a good two decades since I tried really, as a kid I did and found several 4s with nothing much more then paying attention (who the hell looks a the undergrowth while walking around anyhow?). The tradition locally (perhaps as locally as not at all beyond family) was to eat them (after proudly displaying them to all around you). This could be the next Arctic Ice or Bottled water - Four leaf clover salad. I'm sure it would be expensive as hell, which always helps, and involve stupid amounts of effort for no difference from normal clovers in taste at all. Do it and send me royalties. Or not, it's PD or at least GNU 'cos it's not like I'm using that :-).
BinkBunk8 years ago
I was at a barbeque today and I found a five leaf clover and a four leaf clover as well as a 2 leaf clover (do bugs eat one leaf and get full? or are they real mutations.?) Then on my way back to school from the T I found some-a few four and one five- on a grassy patch where the exit (or vent?) is (I found these in fairly short oder). So does anyone want to ventudre on how some patches get mutated like this?
thesparine8 years ago
very nice instructable. so nice to see something that really shows off your passion. Way cool, thanks bro
sorry, last comment. Impressive collection you got there. Where do you display it in your house? It must be a good conversation piece.
oh, and recently I found several 6-10 leaved clovers in one patch. I thought that it was a different species of plant and not a clover at all. Turns out they were clovers.
When I was little, I found a small (1ft by 1ft about) patch that was almost all four leaf! (about one in three). I thought I was really lucky, coming home with 10-20 four leaf clovers.
e13378 years ago
bryant85x8 years ago
BinkBunk8 years ago
Thanks for this. I went searching yesterday and I found one of the mitten ones you talk about as well as some two leaf clovers... but I am sort of skeptical how they got that way. I found a four leaf clover last week and there are some mutant patches where I grew up. These kinds of mutations really interest me.
hedgiehog8 years ago
Great instructable, i have found over 50 four and five leaf clovers in the last two days. I can find two of em in a minute flat. I've noticed that some pacthes of clovers have lots of mutants and some patches have none.
Magicfap8 years ago
braniac.............do you live near a nuclear power plant...5 leaves...thats not normal
Neither is four. And the gene for polydactyli (more than five fingers) is dominant to the gene for five fingers.
polydactyli is sick. but it'd be intresting to have a 6th little finger grow and fall off. except it might hurt.
i dont think it would hurt, especially if there where no nerves in the finger, but they might die as you got older and eventually the finger would fall off, would be really weird
yes, i know they fall off. intresting conversation starter- "have you seen my 6th finger?"
Replies: a) Show me! b) Where did you lose it?
where'd i lose what?
haha ithere was a kid at my school who had a 2nd thumb he was short and fat he got it cut off
Generally, if a child is born with an extra partial or complete digit, it is amputated shortly after birth. In most cases, it is an underdeveloped, fleshy mass, that usually has no bone structure and often no muscle attachments.
Oh, cool! I'll have to restudy some genetics to remember why a dominant allele is less frequent than its recessive form... I'm surprised I'd never heard of that before though; my bio teachers love showing quirky facts like that.
Well, if my biology teacher can be trusted...she's kind of a nutcase... Basically, the gene simple doesn't exist in as many places. There aren't many copies being passed around.
simon.eo8 years ago
After finding all of those n-leaf clovers, do you feel that your luck has increased?
Falaco Soliton (author)  simon.eo8 years ago
only in finding more clovers. its a vicious cycle.
katiebug8 years ago
As another four-leaf-finder extraordinaire (okay, i'm hardly an 'extraordinaire' but i am good at finding 'em), i've often tried to explain to people how to find four-leaf's. And, like you've said, it ultimately comes down to how to see them, how to find the aberration in the pattern.

The best ways i've ever been able to explain that kind of seeing to people is to do one of two things. First, you can look at the larger shape of the clover's outline: looking, basically, for the few square shapes of four-leaf's among the many triangles of three-leaf clovers. Or, alternately, you can look at the middle of the clover, where the leaves join the stem, and look for the crosses among the--well, among the the mercedes logos. As Falaco said, you're not looking at individual clovers, but scanning the whole patch for the mutations.

Somehow this explanation has often helped people; hope it's a useful addition to an already awesome instructable! Good luck finding more luck!
I was at this random social gathering last night, playing frisbee with my sister, when I remembered this Instructable. I found the first four-leaf clover (winning the stated contest with my sis) and then found another while she found three in the same patch. She then attempted to claim that "best of five" was the goal of our competition all along... sigh. Your guide was inspiring, thanks!
Jennigma8 years ago
I was taught by my father to find four leafed clovers. He taught me that there are always more of them in the shade. That seems to be the case, in my experience. :-)
hedgiehog8 years ago
im going to sell 4 leaf clovers before exams,maybe make some money
HamO hedgiehog8 years ago
You have a 50% chance of doing that!
spinach_dip8 years ago
A shamrock is a three-leafed clover that was used by St. Patrick to teach the Irish natives about the Holy Trinity. So it would be more proper to say:
4-leaf clovers, or 4-leaf shamrocks
jridley8 years ago
If we're being pedantic, "you're" is a contraction for "you are". So the caption on that photo reads "you are average clover patch".
istupid118 years ago
thx to this article i found 2 4 leaf clovers in my back yard thx alot falaco solitons
FREAK! yeah pretty cool i cant find clovers i dont really care about them anyway but hey guess waht ican do...count to 10 yeah, 10 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 what can YOU and your clovers do that? no? didint think so! I WIN! 1-0!
scooter4718 years ago
Wow... old memories. I had a knack for finding multi beyond 3 leaf clovers as a kid... kept track one summer, I think over 600 4 leafers, 50 or 60 5 and 6 leafers, and more than one 7, and 8. My prize was a 9 leaf.. only got one of those ever. The last time i found more than one in the same day was about 10 years ago, on the first day at a new job... found one in the parking lot where I was going to work, and another after work at a hospital parking lot. I would guess that I have found over 2000 over the years... most of them in one patch in my parents yard, but have found them in at least 4 states.
CameronSS8 years ago
Odd...I'd never noticed the "spade leaf" pattern before on any clover, but I just mowed the lawn and found two right next to each other. No four leafed, though. I guess I'm just unlucky. Fortunately for me, I don't believe in luck.
Cool! I'm pretty experienced in finding four leaf clovers... I throughly enjoyed the instructable! I remember doing this as a small kid during recess or lunch breaks... best place I found to find them was right next to the school's wall. I found one 8 leafer once... there were leaves growing out of leaves, it was a total mess, but, pretty cool! You ARE right though, once you get past 4 leaves, they don't press well, oftentimes covering leaves. As for why that one patch grew so many massive mutants? I dunno, I think some kids were feeding it lunch food or something... Oh, and one thing I noted in my experience, is that fertilized/pesticide/weed killer sprayed clovers tend to have much higher mutation rates. For just clovers in the middle of nowhere, I found VERY few mutants. In public places, they were quite common.
ll.138 years ago
Great Instructable!
lemonie8 years ago
Step 3: Actually 88.2 percent of statistics are made up on the spot. L
haha 88.2 percent of statisics are made up and 17.8% of people know that =D
Danny lemonie8 years ago
that was made up wanst it?
Falaco Soliton (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Are those the new figures? Always seems to go up the closer you are to an election year.
trialex8 years ago
Have you ever gone for a septuple head-spin using your lucky seven leaf clover? Nice instructable!
Futurama! Woo for cool references! Nice instructable, well written clear pictures. Well done
dont u need a seven leafer to even attempt this : P
awoodcarver8 years ago
roll me over in the clover give me a beer do it again .......or find one again :c)
brainiac8 years ago
i found a 5 and a 6 leav clover the 5 leve hade a leaf conjoined with 5 more leaves
sam8 years ago
I really like the way you framed them all, it looks great. Good Job.
CementTruck sam8 years ago
From a distance it looks like a butterfly collection. Very cool.
brainiac8 years ago
i found a six and a five leaf clover the five leaf had a ten leaves conjoined!!
BigCoCo8 years ago
i really like looking for 4 leaf clovers too, but just out of curiosity, why are numbers 1 and 2 missing on your clover board? did they get stolen by a leprechaun?
I really liked this instructable, its original, and its a nice break from all of the inside projects . :D now im gonna go out and find some clovers!
Ha, that's really cool, I'll have to go spend some time looking for some.
Ora8 years ago
This is great! thanks for the tips, i think I'll get out to go collect some clovers ASAP!