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4-leaf clovers are a mutation of the usually 3-leafed White Clover plant, Trifolium repens. One clover is actually one leaf of a larger plant, with 3 leaflets. Mutations can occur due to a low frequency recessive gene or environmental causes. Often the reason for mutation is differentiable from one clover to another. The mutation does not stop at the 4-leafed variety: 5-leafed clovers are not uncommon. However, the more leaflets, the harder they are to find (and the luckier they are): the record is an 18-leaf clover, and the highest I've ever seen is 10-leafed.
JackieMock5 years ago
hello friends. I am working on an art project, and I know this is sort of a strange question, but would anyone be willing to sell me a four leaf clover that they have found? is so, thepigeonclub@gmail.com is the address to write to!
r3nrut5 years ago
My record was six leaves. I got it laminated but it finally died.
medaceina5 years ago
The new record is a 21 leaf clover, found by the same guy that found the 18 leaf one, he breeds them, and even has a four leaf clover patch. There's a picture too!
rsnow1138 years ago
when i was growing up, we used walk down to the lake to swim every day. and on our way, there was this one hill that was filled with clover, so i would always stop and look...i must have been a lucky child, because i used to find everything from 4 leaves all the way up to 13! :)
13 leaves? I'm jealous... |=(
57cadillac6 years ago
i tried looking for four leaf clovers near the nuclear plant, but didnt find any :'(
Today I found more clovers! I guess the first one brings luck to find more because in a matter of 15 minutes, i found 6 or 7 four leaf clovers and even a 5 leaf clover!
zascecs6 years ago
Really? That's pretty cool. Imagine a 100 leafed clover...
nobody6.18 years ago
Yeah, the shamrock is a plant in and of itself.
Here's the wikipedia entry on it.


The Shamrock is Trifolium dubium, wheras normal clover is Trifolium repens. Same genus, different species.

Falaco Soliton (author)  nobody6.18 years ago
yea i haven't been able to pin this down. the wiki page on "Shamrock" says its Trifolium dubium and (i quote) "sometimes (rarely nowadays) Trifolium repens (white clover, known in Irish as seamair bhán)".

I don't know what is implied by "rarely nowadays" but thats wiki for you.

heres the page
Well, Clover itself is basically an entire genus (Trifolium), dubium designates the actual shamrock, and repens is the kind of clover that you are writing about. Technically shamrock is a type of clover, but it's not the same as the clover in your instrucatable. Trifolium dubium (shamrock) has much larger leaves than Trifolium repens (common clover), and is much less common in the States. Hope I helped.
chrissy8 years ago
Actually 4-leaf clovers aren't Shamrocks, Shamrocks have 3 leaves.
jridley8 years ago
If we're being pedantic, "you're" is a contraction for "you are". So the caption on that photo reads "you are average clover patch".
jvchamary8 years ago
Just a pedantic point from a biologist, but the first letter of the genus name should be in uppercase (i.e. Trifolium repens). Okay, off to find some 4-leaf clovers now!