Step 4: The Shamrock

Picture of The Shamrock
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The following steps show a few typical mutants so you know what you are looking for.

The Classic 4-leaf clover has, well, 4 leaflets. Most mutants have three leaf stems in which one has split into two leaves, one usally smaller than the other. These types are probably produced by evironmental factors more than genetic factors (not that genes don't play a part). Clovers with 4 leaflets, evenly shaped, and 4 seperate leaflet stems are, from my experience, rarer, and probably strongly genetically influenced.

Note: There are a few companies that have tried to breed 4-leaf clovers to sell for their alleged lucky properties. Due to the complications between environmental and genetic influence, these breeds are tough to produce, and only marginally effective, or so i've read. heres one of these companies.
chlsands6 years ago
Please please people. A four leaf clover has nothing to do with Ireland or St Patricks day and is not a shamrock! A shamrock has 3 three leaves and each are somewhat heart shaped. I once heard a British TV presenter refer to "Irelands four leaf clover day"! OOOHHH it rubs in all the wrong places. This mistake spawned the phrase "luck of the Irish". We're actually a very unlucky nation. I'll use you guide anyway though to find a lucky clover. Wish me luck!
 Yes, but that unluckiness has made you Irish confident and outgoing, but mostly outgoing. So now a days you say "luck of the Irish," or "every one either is Irish or wants to be," not because you believe it, but because you want to believe it. Maybe that's just Vermont, full of Scotish and Irish, maybe it's me, maybe it's because it's the morning. Happy (ish) Saint Patty's day!
 That's a huge clover, the ones I've seen are the size of just one of those leaves!
cornflaker6 years ago
I found a five leaf one once for real lol
The luck in bred four leaf clovers is only marginally effective?
I spent like hours trying to find clovers, but I couldn't find any. Then, when I was 12, I finally found one by accident!
Skittle8 years ago
Shamrock is a different species. You know that whole St Patrick explaining the trinity thing? He used a shamrock; a three-leafed plant a bit like clover, but not. You might want to change that. On another note, I wish I could find the 4-leaf-clover I found and pressed many moons ago; it was pretty perfect, if I recall.