Picture of 4-leaf Clovers: A Finder's Guide
I find four-leaf clovers frequently, even when not explicitly looking. Many find this "gift" extraordinary, and even though this mutation is reported to only occur once in about 10,000 clovers, getting lucky isn't as hard as one would think.
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Step 1: Background: The Clover

Picture of Background: The Clover
4-leaf clovers are a mutation of the usually 3-leafed White Clover plant, Trifolium repens. One clover is actually one leaf of a larger plant, with 3 leaflets. Mutations can occur due to a low frequency recessive gene or environmental causes. Often the reason for mutation is differentiable from one clover to another. The mutation does not stop at the 4-leafed variety: 5-leafed clovers are not uncommon. However, the more leaflets, the harder they are to find (and the luckier they are): the record is an 18-leaf clover, and the highest I've ever seen is 10-leafed.

Step 2: Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Picture of Patterns, Patterns, Patterns
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First, find a large patch of Clover, which isn't hard to do if you have a lawn or live near a park.

Do not get on your hands and knees with magnifying glass in hand, individually examining each clover. From standing height, look over the entire patch, brushing the clover with your foot to ensure none remain unexposed. If you enjoy math problems, eye-spys, the game "SET", or any pattern game in general, you'll be in your element. Amongst all the sets of 3 leaflets, any mutation will stick out like a sore thumb.

Step 3: Statistically Speaking...

Remember, 78% of all statistics are made up. So even though they say there is only one 4-leafer in 10,000 clovers, thats not entirely the whole story. One clover is just a member of one White Clover plant, which can cover from a few square inches to a few square feet. And some plants are more susceptible to mutation than others, so if you find one, look hard in the near vicinity. Several of the mutants pictured in the following steps were all found within a few square inches.

Mutant clovers are also more prevalent later in summer than they are in spring, and some places just seem more environmentally favorable to produce mutants.
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I found my first four leaf clovers today. I found 4 of them. I want to keep them and laminate them but don't want them to get ruined. Does anyone know the best way to laminate it without it being ruined?

i bought a laminating machine from walmart about 30.00 put them in book or between paper towels for just a day make sure they are flat them laminate them ive got some back from 1997 that still look great

idk but i guess just get like you know um the plastic baggies and put it in there

also a little FYI on finding clovers i take my foot and skim the top of patch 4leaf have thicker stems and often stand straight up give it a try

hi,have a question for someone/anybody yesterday at work i found clover stem that has 7 (yes i said 7 different clovers on it some small rest medium size.i found about 2500 or more clovers most of which i laminated, Just wondering how commom this is ive found 2&3 on the same stem but never 7 ,found in fayetteville,ga

camio112 years ago
I live in New Zealand and I spent an hour looking for 4 leaf clovers and I did not find 1, are they harder to find in NZ. (P.S I AM 11)

I live in NZ too, and I found one yesterday!

dcbeher5 months ago

oct. 17,2014 found two covers royal oak, micigan, one 11 leaf, one 39 to 41 leaflet can't tell for sure, clovers.appears to be differant variety clover than trifolium repens.

rtakeall5 months ago

I found three 5 leave clovers today and found 3 earlier this week! I have about 10 so far that I've found in the last month! Actually, my dog Sable found them.


An easy way to get a four leaf clover consists in buying it!

That's my lazy way..heheh

They even propose business cards, key rings, letter... Great

beaglemaster9 months ago

I made the mistake of putting this one in my wallet between 2 dollar bills and the ink transferred onto the leaves. That is a U.S. quarter for size comparison. Found in August of 2012

SynCallio9 months ago

You use the same method I do: look for patterns! I started finding four-leaf clovers (and five, six, and seven-leaf clovers) in high school. I usually just stand over a patch of clover and stare at it, looking for breaks in the pattern. I don't know how many I've found: never as many as 166 in one year, but enough.

i am 10 and i think i found a four leafed clover but im not sure i think its a weed but idk

jkershaw2 years ago
hi all how exciting to find so many people talking about these special clovers in 1 place! as a kid i spent hours/days/weeks etc looking for 4leafed clovers...anyway i carried on believing they didnt exist. i now know better! ive found over 80x4leafed about 6x5leafed & 1x6leafed. the most perfect 4xleafed i found i immediately laminated . . DO NOT DO THIS! it went in green & came out brown haha! they definately "call" to me when theres 1 to be found i get a feeling & go out the back & generally straight to it! yesterday 2 of my friends thought i was mad when i started looking saying "theres a 4xleafed clover to be found i can feel it". i didnt find it as i had to go out but today had the feeling again & found 2x5leafed clovers! ps-i immediately text messaged my 2 concerned friends!!!
Luckygirl232 years ago
Today I found 10 four leaf clovers and 2 six leaf clovers.. I must be a lucky girl. I stuck them in a heavy book to dry. Is that what most people do?
amy m short2 years ago
4 4leaf.JPG
amy m short2 years ago
4 4leaf.JPG
amy m short2 years ago
amy m short2 years ago
i have 4 - four leaf clovers growing together
laurfrances3 years ago
Is a 4 leaf clover the same as a 4 leaf shamrock (oxalis?) Is this also lucky?
my dad and i were outside and i said there is only 1 4 leaf clover in every patch we looked for no more then 30 sec and he found one and i said its good luck and not to let me touch and put it somewhere safe so he put it in his wallet
nmedel3 years ago
I just found a four-leaf clover today!!! How do preserve it?
awaard nmedel3 years ago
I do:

1. Flatten them with your thumb.

2. Put it on a piece of paper and fold it in half.

3. Put it in a heavy book and wait about a day.
18arnot awaard3 years ago
thts all...really isnt there more you need to do...jw
Hi, Im also a finder, i have a reasonable amount now, the latest being a 6 leaf, I just have keep them in a book and seems to be ok. I am planning to get it laminated, i think this would be the way, but mind that i am new to this.
Actually the record is now a 21 leaf clover found by the same person...
WUVIE3 years ago
Wonderful Instructable, thank you so much for sharing this! Great job!
i found a four leaf clover in this old 1934 Edgar A. Guest poetry book. What does this mean??
MimMim183 years ago
the Irish believe that while finding a four-leaf clover will bring you good luck, finding a clover stem with 5 or more leaves is actually unlucky!
So to everyone whos bragging bout finding 5 leafs or more you have BAD LUCK lol.
That is not true. Leaf number 5 stands for MONEY as the other leaves means: Love, Hope, Faith and Luck. However, any additional leaf on clovers are really mutants among the clovers. Finding 4 leaf clovers makes people happy that it is something special. Sites like this brings people together. Have fun. From Lucky Irene
rrivera133 years ago
Irish Luck is ours! We did it! - lol
jpage93 years ago
i found 1 four leaf clover the other day at school, i was really excited! but it was small and ugly :( i didnt think to look around it for another, hmm maybe i will go back to that spot :)
MimMim183 years ago
ive found 2 four leaf clovers in 2 day! and havent even looked for them.. and there were both right outside my front door! x
Lexiz3 years ago
Im 12 years old and iv been looking for a four leaf clover for special reasons
1. I want to have a four leaf clover plant.
2. there is a special portal to see faries with the four leaf clovers
3. I really just want it to find faries! Im in love with faries and i really found ways of talking to them but i NEED a four leaf clover
how do i find one? i liv close to the beach so i dont know were to find one please help me out
Hello Lexiz,
I want for you to keep on believing in faries..Our hopes and wishes are made up on dreams. Unfortuntitly we live in a world of Good and Bad, Angels and Devils and we even have to put up with Ugly Trolls in their rude remarks...
I can honestly tell the world, I have always been very lucky to find 4, 5 and even 6 leaf clovers my entire life and I've never stopped to look for a single one.
They always seem to find me. I've given away many of them to people who believe in the clover's GOOD LUCK for what ever reason on why.. they wanted one. You may contact me at:
and I will personally mail you a real 4 leaf clover.
So Lexiz, PLEASE keep your Dreams Alive and BELIEVE in anything that makes you feel happy. I hope to hear from you. Sincerely from, Lucky Irene
:) okay i just have to ask my mom if its okay with her and thx for your kind advise (:
Here I am on the front page of our local newspaper. I've given many away and I still have yours Lexiz when you want one or anyone else that wants one too. Best Wishes to all that need a little hope. From Lucky Irene
4-leaf frenzy.jpg
Faries do not exist. A plant doesn't open a portal. And clovers with four leaves do not make more; picking one will kill it, like tearing it's arms and legs off.
Say what ever you want to say i can think what ever i want to!
Hello once again Lexiz; Just as I said, we the believers have the Luck and Hope of better things in life. Keep the Love and Faith alive. Recently, after discovering 100's in a large patch of 4 and even 5 leaf clovers...It was placed
in the front page newspaper in our area. You can surf the web to find the
article of me to type up: News-Milton,Pa.-The Standard-Journal-4-leaf frenzy
And as for anyone else who needs a little LUCK... please e-mail me at: As long as I have 4 leaf clovers,
I'll be glad to share them. I've even Donated many to a Children's Cancer Hospital. They'll be in wax paper you can open to show you they are real.
Lexiz I'v put one aside for you when your mom gives the ok. From Lucky Irene.

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