4 Way Traffic


Introduction: 4 Way Traffic

This circuit produces traffic lights for a "4-way" intersection. The seemingly complex
wiring to illuminate the lights is shown to be very simple.



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    I assembled the circuit. But, the LED lighting sequence is wrong in your circuit. I swapped Yellow and Green led connections. Now it is 100% ok.
    IC CD4017 output pins must be connected as follows:-
    3,2,4,7....to N/S Green
    10..........to N/S Yellow
    E/W Red

    1,5,6,9....to E/W Green
    11..........to E/W Yellow
    N/S Red
    (I am from India, it is our Traffic signal standard.)

    is anyone has a program of 4 way traffic light using arduino

    which ic you used???? cd4017b or hef4017b???

    do you have more detailed circuit or parts list ?

    u have done your circuit completely but now can you show me your picture of 4-way traffic light 8-lane. what i mean is that how u construct your project example like how my you build the road, traffic light pole, etc.. plz do reply my msg at my email : azeli2105@hotmail.com .. TQ :)

    yes it is. do you face a problem ?