4 X 4 X 4 Interactive Led-cube





Introduction: 4 X 4 X 4 Interactive Led-cube

As my first real Arduino-project I made a 4x4x4 LED-cube. But instead of just copying one of the many led-cubes that are already around, I wanted to make mine interactive!

I didn't want to show the sensors so I started experimenting with using the actual LED's of the cube as the sensors.
Experimenting with LED's is very easy on an Arduino.

It looked like this was going to work, but I noticed that when I made the leads longer, the readings from the LED's where way off. By using a isolated (COAX) cable, this problem was resolved.

I noticed that I didn't need the wire to the cathode (negative) of the LED because I could use the mantle of the COAX-wire for that.

My next experiment would be learning how multiplexing works. The Arduino hasn't got enough ports to connect 4x4x4 = 64 LED's individually. There are more than enough instructables explaining multiplexing, so it was not hard to figure out.

Just multiplexing wasn't enough so I also had to figure out how to charlyplex, to get even more LED's on a few ports. This was also easy to learn on instructables.

Finally I finished the cube. The four top corner LED's are not connected to a multi- or charlyplexed grid but directly to the Arduino with a COAX-wire. These LED's are both LED and sensor. Depending on what LED of the four is the darkest, an other show will perform.

(to make this cube a bit more clear, I now also made a step-by-step instructable of this LED-cube)



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nice build.


Can someone fully explain the function of the cube? I love this project also.

Well, it hasn't really got a function, but it is loads of fun :). This cube reacts on the amount of light that shines on the top four LED's and decides what cyclus to run according to that. There is a better Ible about this cube here: https://www.instructables.com/id/4x4x4-interactive-LED-cube-with-Arduino/

See also my step-by-step instructable of this LED-cube: https://www.instructables.com/id/4x4x4-interactive-LED-cube-with-Arduino/

ok so here is my idea just lookin for a lil feedback, i want to build a led cube or maybe someother design type i am thinking of making it multi purpose though i want it to respond to BW and F by using BP filters and OP amps and i also would like to run a program through a microprocessor my thought was to have a manuel switch to maybe switch from one logic to the other but now im thinking of just making the cube with density kind of like the outside grid on the bp and the inside grids on the processor this is where i want to take my knowledge of electronics the mixture of lights and music with some science smashed into it is def something i enjoy anyfeedback would be appreciated thank you

Sorry, you lost me at BW.
What is BW and what is F and BP?

Very nice!
I built a 5x5x5 LED cube and found it difficult to keep the LEDs at uniform brightness until I went with an interrupt based scanning routine. From your videos it looks very good. If when you turn them all on you can see variations in the brightness you may want to change the code in this way.

Best Wishes.