4.5m Trainer Kite





Introduction: 4.5m Trainer Kite

I wanted a super small trainer, simple to make. Easy to learn building with this kite. Only two struts.

Grab the files from here, then check out the Kite Sewing Tutorial for the build how-to.

Step 1: Build It.



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    How you can export dxf from surfplan? Do you have a full version of surfplan?

    This might be a stupid question but what kind of fabric should i use? And what kind of thread and stitch? Also, any ideia on where to buy all that stuff? I always have trouble finding supplies for the instructables i really like. It seems that in the U.S. everything is available to anyone but not here. Thanks in advance

    I didn't see the answer above, but I also sped read it.  Are all the files above the same?   I have access to corel draw and adobe illustrators.. I assume if they're all the same I can open up either of these files and print them to my plotter?

    Thanks in advance

    Surfplan can be used to opne the .sle file. It lets you make modifications and print the file too.

    Can u please help me, could you name a few of the programs that would open the files u give us, cuz then I could actually make a kite.

    4.5 meters is "super small" ?!

    when you build a kite to drag your butt around a lake or beach on a wakeboard (or inline skates on a large blacktop) 4.5 square meters is small, keeps the speed and lifts low so newbes dont disappear over the horizon (unfortnatuly it would take a much bigger kite to get my butt moveing)

    How big a kite would be good for ski ?kiting? for someone 6' 170lbs

    Ah. It wasn't obvious from the text/etc that this was a kite designed to provide motive force, as opposed to one designed for stunt flying, or just fun flying...