Easy way to create a long lasting brighter than Fluorescent style lantern and re-chargeable for camping or tailgating

    Step 1: Materials

    materials list:

    Any table lamp with a spot big enough to hold heat sink near base for LED - inexpensive ones can be found at Home Depot in lighting section for under 20 bucks or old battery lantern big enough to hold 12v 4 amp hr battery 4 inches by 4 inches ( this is what I based this instructable on)

    12v 4 ahr battery -radio shack or amazon 20 bucks

    star LED - can be 1 watt xpg series from Cree mounted on star heat sink - Deal extreme.com has these for 5- 10 bucks or other led supply houses

    LED lens- this can be any glass or plastic tube such as a prescription bottle or container

    LED driver - this supplies current and does all the thinking to make this easy and efficient to build - some choices are Buck puck 3021 from led dynamics - can be found directly or digi- key - mouser electrical suppliers or deal extreme has a bunch of 12 in to LED out converters (2-20 bucks)

    LED heat sink - can be found at Mouser or digi key - 6 bucks

    basic toggle switch or rotary switch rated for at least 3 amps dc current (10 bucks max)

    <p>I really think this is good, I love lighting and 12 volts, lol.<br>But I do want to warn you that it's dangerous to charge the battery sideways, even if it's sealed, it can still leak.<br>But, nice idea!</p>
    that makes it even sweeter! <br>do look for batwing luxeon lenses before testing it apart. these project the light backwards and sideways.
    <p>Yeah those luxeon batwing profile LEDs are awesome</p>
    <p>It is a nace idea usig an old lantern av&iacute;an</p>
    <p>Voted For you!</p><p>The Idea to resurrect a Lowly, chinese Emergency light with pure Cree pedigree is very useful and Long term idea. Keep it up!</p>
    Hah..thanks ..with intermittent use it will last a week when camping, the one thing i would change is mount the led so it shines downward - that way when held up high it covers a big area, also not mentioned is that there are 2 multi color leds that draw very little current I use for night light option and the Driver module has dimmer option <br>-sa

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