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 I was so annoyed at my seatmate that I vowed to pump 400 volts, 0.04 milliamps, 16 watts of calculated power into them in DC form. It all started when they started this quite insulting song that's been going around our part of the isle recently, so I reconsidered modifying that electric mosquito killer in order to make them think otherwise. This is also going to be used against my bus-mates (which are all too annoying..) and in self-defense. I opened it up so that I could see the circuit, and it was a relatively simple one. I am yet to reverse-engineer the circuit, but I could tell you that there was a 400V Mylar capacitor and a small transformer (inductor) in there. It's just a simple mod that involves opening up the unit, cutting wires and reattaching, then putting it back. The electric mosquito killer is in the shape of a tennis racket. It had some odd design in the middle. The business end consisted of 3 grids charged in the following order: negative, positive, negative. While I was still working with it, I got electrocuted (fingers, off course) and it felt like I was being thrown forward. I also considered turning it into AC (it could be a pure or modified sine wave, square wave also works); my friend kept saying, "remove the damn diode!" but I never did until I drew up the circuit so that I could know which diode to remove. I also considered adding 10kOhms worth of resistance in there in order to decrease the amperage further to increase safety. As long as it incapacitates someone for a while, then it's good. If YOU'RE (I meant my seatmate or bus-mate) READING THIS, <insert evil tone> watch out....

EDIT: I remeasured, and somehow, the voltage went up to 565 and the amperage went into the kill zone of 2.3 milliamperes. Now I have to recalculate how much resistance I need for this to not kill anyone. I have recently electrocuted myself with it, and it hurt much much more than I remember.


dlake3 (author)2014-03-13

Hey bud I seen your baton and was wondering if you could email me a step by step on making one as I am quite a noob with electronics and this site doesn't show much of how to make this. My email is

thewizard42 (author)2011-01-11

Electrocution is death by electricity. I highly doubt you are dead

michaeleoni (author)thewizard422011-11-16

you can be electrocuted and sientificly speaking if you are "shocked" by any thing over .1 milliamperes its electrocuted and he never said it stayed .o4

Obviously, I wouldn't be here to tell of it if I got electrocuted by it a lot.

No, the term ELECTROCUTED is to DIE regardless. The term you are looking for is shocked

All in agreement. "Shocked" it is.

Well to electrocute is to 'injure or kill someone by electric shock' so you could have been electrocuted, if you were injured!

Injury due to flinging hand towards sharp metal object due to electric shock. Is that considered electrocution?

Possibly, or the story of the man who used the handle of an axe to hit another mans hand away from a live cable, but hit down rather than up so broke his wrist.

Actually I think it would have broken his wrist regardless of direction.

Robot Lover (author)2011-10-26

I believe that the lethal amount of current is 200 milliamps.

Again, take into account internal body resistance, which means if you put 10kV 0.001mA to your fingers you'll feel lots of pain, but no death. The case would be rather different if you were to apply that directly to your heart.

Yes, you would not need much current in a shock at the heart to be lethal.

nutsandbolts_64 (author)2011-01-15

EDIT: My browser went nuts so I couldn't post this edit onto my slide show. Anyway, the voltage dropped to 375 volts. I'm planning to connect it to a bridge rectifier to convert to AC and double the voltage. Seriously though, I connected 2 9V batteries in series and ran it through the circuit. Guess what, the output was 35 volts! I'll ask around for the reason...

the transformer providing the oscillations isn't tuned for 9v. When you add the bridge rectifier, it does nothing because the output is pulsed DC (i checked your circuit remember?)
and it's an update, an edit is when you edit your actual instructable

yeah, the comment is part of the instructable since I can't post it with anything else

nfk11 (author)2011-01-24


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