Step 4: Making The Bar

Picture of Making The Bar
Using 1 inch conduit cut a 4 foot length. You can ask the guys at the hardware store to do this. If they say they don't know how go over to plumbing and ask them.

Once you have your 4 foot section measure in and mark 3 inches from both ends. On these marks drill a hole strait through with your 5/16" bit.
NOTE!! Make sure that both your holes are parallel

Now take one of your eye bolts and attach them like in the picture.
For those who can't see the picture you have threaded onto the bolt :  nut - washer- pipe - washer - nut

Set up both sides like this.

This here will be the bar that you hold onto for all your lifts.

Tip: After you have made the entire thing and made sure it works go back and use either super glue or thread lock on all the bolts. You don't want them coming undone during a lift